Best Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson- [Top 5 Picks]

Want to know which is the best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson? Well, this review is going to guide you to choose your required one.

Performance exhausts are no longer ordinary metal tubes. They affect the performance of the power, torque, look, sound, and give protection to your legs from the engine heat too.

Replacing the stock pipe by high-quality performance exhaust can offer the user of Harley some extra power from the motor with style. It will help to get combusting fuel efficiency. This type of exhaust offers a very decent sound.

Well, performance exhaust is one of the best and desirable mods for the user of Harley Davidson. To make your ride more attractive, let’s jump in the deep of this article to get some options for performance exhaust for Harley Davidson.

Best Performance Exhaust For Harley Davidson

The Harley Davidson rider can replace or modify their exhaust with a performance exhaust. This most desirable unit is not easy to get. To guide you, we’ve made a list of performance exhaust for Harley Davidson. Here are our top 5 best picks below.

1. Vance & Hines 47229 – Vance and Hines Shortshots Staggered Full System Exhaust

One thing you can say about this exhaust and that is amazing. The user definitely will love the sound. It is almost two times louder than other exhaust that is designed for Harley. It’s hard to describe how low they are on the road. Most of the people say that this is the exhaust that Harley Davidson lovers want to buy.

For the hot-rod sound, there is no better option without this unit of the exhaust. The construction of this unit is best comparing other units of the exhaust. It is featured with a full-length heat shield. This full-coverage heat shield can protect you from any type of accident from the heat. It is available in chrome or black finish. The design can easily draw the attention of everyone.

The price of this unit is very low. From Vance and Hines, this exhaust comes as another great product. It perfectly fits the 2014-2018 Sportster models. So, you can get a wide range of options to check this exhaust for your bike. It is considered as an aggressive model that performs well as well as its sound.

? Pros:

  • Full-length heat shield
  • Aggressive design
  • Better finish
  • Quiet baffle option available
  • Low price

? Cons:

  • The heat can make some problem

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2.Vance & Hines Competition Series 2-Into-1 Exhaust

Are you looking for an exhaust for your Harley that is well worth the money? Check out this option. It offers all the features and services that you need from the 2 into 1 exhaust. This unit of the exhaust is the best for the ultra-high drag race performance. This exhaust system comes from the competition series. They know how to draw the attention of Harley Davidson users.

Basically, this is a 2 into 1 exhaust which constructed well to serve for a long time. The stainless steel has been used to make these beautiful pieces of the exhaust. It also has a tapered head pipe. This pipe is designed to connect with quick access to wideband oxygen sensor ports. It is not only a strong unit but also comes as a lightweight model.

This unit is perfectly engineered to deliver better performance. It looks beautiful because it has a black ceramic coated or brushed finish. It also has a serviceable acoustic baffle. This exhaust system is able to blow the socks off. This is really a high-end true sport model that can make your ride more beautiful.

? Pros:

  • Lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Slip-fit Merge collectors
  • Wideband Sensor ports
  • Beautiful coating

? Cons:

  • The header is thin

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3. Rinehart 100-0200 4 Xtreme True Dual System for Harley-Davidson Touring 2009-2016

This is a complete system for your Harley Davidson. There is no better option for exhaust airflow performance without it. This model is best that is not only hard to beat in performance but also in design. The streamlined flow design makes this unit attractive because it has the minimum number of the bend. This straight design helps to exhaust airflow easily.

There is no need to rebalance. Even it is not going to face any obstruction. To gain better performance, it purely maximized the outflow. It has a fitted 18mm and 12mm 02 sensor port. The full-length heat shield comes in a single piece. This shield is perfectly designed to protect your legs. This is a rider-friendly model.

It is routing the head pipes away from the leg of the riders because of the convenience header configuration. To remove the negative pulse it has anti-reversion louvers. This pulse can travel back into port. The muffler cap is made of the Teflon coated billet aluminum, which is also polished black. It can provide the largest power that is needed for a Harley Davidson.

? Pros:

  • Comes with 02 sensor ports
  • Full-length heat shield
  • Chrome-plated finish all over
  • Deep rich sound
  • Well-engineered

? Cons:

  • Not suitable for 2017 models

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4.Freedom HD00060 Exhaust

This unit is another great example of exhaust that can change the sound of your Harley Davidson. This classic performance exhaust system is popular. This turn-out exhaust system offers 2-step performance. Because of the design, it is able to deliver torque and optimal horsepower. This unit is also one of the cheapest exhausts you will get. It fit perfectly and the finish is spectacular.

It’s very easy to install because it comes with the proper guideline. This excellent quality unit can make the user happy. It sounds excellent as you want from the exhaust for Harley Davidson. It is a dual-type of design. Chrome-plated steel has been used to make this quality unit. Even the two steel louvered mufflers and single inlet and outlet configuration made of the same material.

The heat shield is made of 16 gauge heavy-duty steel. This exhaust is another name of performance and style. It is available on black and chrome finish. If you want a quiet exhaust then you can replace the baffle. It is removable. There is no doubt that you can enjoy the system performance.

? Pros:

  • Made of durable material
  • Straight design
  • Removable baffles
  • Chrome steel finish
  • Mounting hardware

? Cons:

  • The design is simple

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5.Cobra Power Pro HP 2-Into-1 Exhaust Chrome 6420

It is true that some performance exhaust costs a lot but not all of it. This unit is one of these which comes as a budget-friendly option for everyone. This extremely efficient exhaust is a suitable system for a wide range of applications. With a nominal cost, you can get this fantastic exhaust. It is designed perfectly to increase overall performance while reducing the cost. The sleek cylindrical muffler body makes this unit beautiful.

The material is improved. The 3.5” chromed muffler body and 2 in 1 piping help to reduce blueing. To keep your leg protected it has a 220 collector heat shield. This shield fully covers the 2 in 1 junction with a chrome guard component. Some exhaust gets overheated because of the blue effect. The added component solves this problem. It will remain as a new system all the time.

To improve the sound the megaphone comes as a double insulated one. This system also improves heat protection. This greatly finished product ensures a great look with maximum power and torque. At this comfortable price, you cannot get a better option without it.

? Pros:

  • Heat protection
  • Removable baffle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Increased horsepower and torque
  • Double insulated body

? Cons:

  • Sound is not great at low RPM

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Things You Need To Know Before Buying Motorcycle Exhaust of Harley Davidson:

The exhaust is not just a part of your Harley Davidson. It can make you happy more than anything when you can buy the best exhaust. If you are not happy with the stock exhaust, then replace it. There are lots of interesting facts you need to consider before buying the best performance exhaust for Harley Davidson. Buying the wrong exhaust can make you suffer a lot.

All this fact is important for the newbie or the professional. So, you cannot just buy an exhaust. Maybe you’ve owned a Harley for years but know little about it. To give you more ideas about the way to buy an exhaust for Harley, we’ve made a list of important factors. Let’s check out all the details.


Piping is a great and important factor for the exhaust of Harley Davidson. Most of the pipes are made of stainless steel. Ensuring the material of exhaust is necessary because it carries the carbon monoxide. It will travel from the manifold to your exhaust.

So, you need to think about all the systems of the exhaust. There are different shapes and the size of the exhaust. Depending on the model of your bike and your preference, you need to get your best pick.


To make the exhaust perfect with your Harley you need to consider the finish of the product. Before you buy the exhaust, look at the finish of the other parts of your bike. You can make a different choice for exhaust or keep the same finish as your ride follows. Buying an exhaust of the same finish will be a better option because it can make your bike beautiful and can make it better like a stock one.

On the other hand, buying the exhaust of other finishes can draw the attention of the people. There are three types of finish available and they are black chrome, and polished. So, pick your preferred one.


An exhaust pipe comes as a unit. But there are lots of parts needed to make the exhaust as a set. All these parts have a different role to play for your Harley Davidson. Before you buy the exhaust, check out all these parts and their functionality.


Some exhausts are not easy to install on the bike of Harley Davidson. Buy that unit of exhaust, which is easy to install. The exhaust pipes of different manufacturers offer different types of models, which also differ in the installation process.

You can get many options for exhaust on the market. For that, you can consider the position of your exhaust. The installation process is different for the exhaust of the front and rear positions.


For the Harley Davidson, exhausts are available in many styles. Choose what you like. You can choose a curved one, over the transmission, over/under, side by side, staggered, standard mount, or upswept for your bike.

Exhaust system

Different exhaust systems are available for the Harley. Different systems offer different types of performance. You can get 1-into-a, 2-into-1, 2-into-1-into-2, 2-into-2 or drag pipes.

Muffler and end-cap style

To make the look of your exhaust and the bike different, you can choose different muffler styles. According to your preference, you can choose megaphone, straight or tapered style for the exhaust. You can also choose the end-cap style. Fishtail, Goose Cut, Reverse Cone, Scalloped, Slash Cut, Straight Cut, Tapered, Turn Down and Turn Out are the most popular style for the end cap


It is true that different specifications of the exhaust change the price tremendously. Most of the exhaust pipe is expensive because some parts of it are hard to build or get. There are some cheap options also available for Harley Davidson. According to your budget, get the one you need.


Question 1: What is the process of cleaning motorcycle exhaust pipes?

Answer: Cleaning motorcycle exhaust is not a tough job. Everyone can do this job easily in their garage. For that, you need a metal cleaner. Apply it on the pipes. Now, let the cleaner work for the next couple of minutes. Take a rag or scrubbing pad and clean the dirt. Take a water-filled bottle to spray on the pipe. Rinse the pipe using this bottle.

Remove all the trace cleaning agents. It’s time to use metal polish. Collect the suitable one for your exhaust pipe. Take a rubbing pad and utilize it on the metal. Before the use, ensure it, the polish is not going to affect the pipe.

Question 2: What is the exact way to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper?

Answer: Every exhaust pipe has its own characteristics. All these are distinct and unique. Even you can separate it based on the sound. Some models may be performing well, but cannot satisfy the user by the sound. If you are not happy with it, then you can remove the baffles on the pipes.

First check the base of the exhaust pipe, you will find the nut. Take a wrench and remove it. Make sure that the nut does not remain inside the pipe. If the nut falls inside then you need to take a magnet to remove the nut. That’s all you need to do to make the sound deeper out of your exhaust.

Question 3: Motorcycle exhausts are expensive or not?

Answer: It is true that most of the exhaust pipe is expensive. The main reason for this type of price is technology. Manufacture companies use top-of-the art technology to build exhaust pipes. That’s why it tends to be pricey. Even some parts of an exhaust pipe boost the price like the mufflers. A quality muffler is very complicated to develop.

According to the brand and model of the motorcycle, the exhaust comes with different types of accessories. Some of the accessories are rare and not massively produced. This limited number of prices comes at some price. All these factors increase the overall price of the exhaust pipe.