Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley-[Top Picks In 2022]

Getting a motorcycle lift table can make a huge difference between comfortable service and fatigue. It’s a suitable tool for transport, maintenance, storage, and servicing your favorite Harley Davidson. It doesn’t only save time and space, but also offers some best mechanical features that are required for your bike.

In this review, we tried to cover some of the best motorcycle lift tables that are suitable for your Harley Davidson. So, scroll down and get your best pick according to your need and expected service.

What Are The Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley?

After researching lots of options for a motorcycle lift table, we finally picked the 5 best ones for the Harley Davidson motorcycle riders. Here are the quick list of best motorcycle lift table for harley davidson (available on amazon):

  1. APlusLift MT1500X : Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley
  2. sAPlusLift MT1500 1,500LB Air Operated 24″ Width Motorcycle Lift Table
  3. Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift
  4. Kendon Folding Stand-Up ATV Motorcycle Table Lift
  5. Black Widow BW-1500AO-V2-MC Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

5 Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley:

1. APlusLift MT1500X : Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley

For lifting your favorite motorcycle, it’s hard to get the best lift table. There are a few options available on the market that can best according to your need. This table is one of those that can lift your dream bike. This table is not only a sturdy unit but also comes with a better design. Remember that this lifting table is tall, especially when you drop it.

This upgradable lifting table is for everyone who does more with their bike. If you have a Harley Davidson, then this unit of lifting table is the ultimate solution to lifting it. This affordable unit will take your time to understand how to operate it perfectly. To handle your bike, this super sturdy unit is the best in many areas. This unit is made of steel and has a stable scissor frame with Precise Pivot Shafts.

Because of its strong construction, it has a weight capacity of 1500 pounds. It is also a portable unit that comes with two front wheels and an adjustable front stop. The durable paint coating keeps this thing beautiful for a long time.

  • Great weight capacity
  • Durable design
  • Effortless portability
  • Highly sturdy unit
  • Easy to adjust the highest
  • A bit heavier
  • Low-quality foot switch

Available On Amazon

2. sAPlusLift MT1500 1,500LB Air Operated 24″ Width Motorcycle Lift Table

As a motorcycle lift table, this unit scored best which ensures your comfort in the garage. You can pull the trigger for this option. It is designed as a stable unit that can keep your bike safe. As a good build unit, it serves better comparing other motorcycle lift tables. It is good to use even if you hardly feel the pressure to keep this thing up and down.

To build this lift table, the Manufacturing Company used quality material. Because of it, this unit comes as a durable one. The air pressure is good enough to let the user use this unit and scissor up to full height in a few seconds. This cool feature allows the user to keep it up for almost 33 inches. The black paint finish & orange paint finish is eye-catching and can draw anyone’s attention easily.

The price is reasonable enough to make the buy possible. As a bike owner, you can get this quality unit that can fit in the tight spot in your garage. This unit has all the features you need like price, quality, and service.

  • Made of quality material
  • Easy to fit in a tight spot
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip traction
  • Stable and convenient
  • No handle attachment to mount

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3. Titan Ramps Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

This motorcycle lift comes from a reputed and well-known brand named Titan Ramps. It is a high-quality unit of motorcycle lift that also offers great service. This lift is designed for both professionals and amateurs. It’s easy to operate. The smooth operation of this unit can make the user more comfortable. This construction of this lifter makes it stronger. It is made of 11 gauge steel. It has a two-pedal hydraulic system. This system helps to lift your Harley Davidson in a few seconds.

It can handle up to 1000 pounds. This hydraulic system doesn’t make any issue. It goes up and down easily in a faster way. Because of the dropout panel, it is very much convenient to ride your motorcycle on the platform. Your bike is going to be secure enough that you want from your motorcycle lift.

This unit is stable. It has rods that used to lock. So, it’s not going to go down. Even you can use the loop to tie your bike. The surface is shaped like a diamond plate. This design minimizes the risk of slipping. Ultimately, it helps to protect yourself when you are working on your bike for repairing or maintenance.

  • Anti-slip surface
  • Loops for tied down the bike
  • Two paddles hydraulic system
  • Safety lock bar
  • Diamond plate surface
  • Expensive compared to other units.

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4. Kendon Folding Stand-Up ATV Motorcycle Table Lift

You may suffer from various health problems when doing maintenance on your motorbike. It happens when you are doing it after bending for a prolonged time. This unit of motorcycle lift can make you free from that kind of problem. It helps you to get access to some of the components that are hard to reach. This is the perfect lift to make the maintenance work enjoyable.

It allows the user to lock the height. It is made as a strong and versatile unit. It is designed as a folding one. So, it allows the user to store it after the use. It is compact but able to lift heavyweight. This space-saving unit comes with an air-over-hydraulic jack. So, you can lift your heavy ride easily. The 2 ties down loops make help to tie the bike. It makes the working process more secure.

You can adjust the height in 5 different positions. The rail is narrow enough to reach the unreachable part easily. You can lift your bike almost 32 inches high. Because of this height, you won’t feel any kind of backaches. This lift is designed to take loads up to 1000 lbs. This unit is not only a versatile one but also easy to use.

  • Durable construction
  • The huge capacity of 1000 pounds
  • Different adjustable height
  • Easy to use
  • Space-saving unit
  • Expensive unit

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5. Black Widow BW-1500AO-V2-MC Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table

You can choose this motorcycle lift table for the fantastic lift of your Harley Davidson. The design and functionality can make the user happy from every possible aspect. This unit of lift table made for easy operation. If you want to change the tire, then there is an option called drop-down service panel. You can get it on the platform.

To adjust the platform perfectly, it offers threaded levers that are placed on the front. This table is ideal for bike repair. This is designed for one-man operation. The ramp makes the loading and unloading processes. Even you can remove this ramp when it is not in use. After fixing your bike to a comfortable height you can secure your bike. The fully hand free and foot pedal design allows the user to easily maneuver.

It is a suitable unit for both personal garage and repair shop. If you want to operate everything alone, then pick this unit. To ensure better stability it has a built-in front wheel clamp. The durable construction makes this unit strong. All of the features of this lift table offer greater functionality to its user.

  • Comes with a wheel clamp
  • Foot pedal-controlled lift
  • Durable and strong construction
  • Great weight lifting capacity
  • Front-wheel offer better stability
  • Need hydraulic fuel for the foot pump

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Considerations Before Buying The Best Motorcycle Lift Table For Harley:

If you are riding a Harley Davidson then you must keep it functional. It requires maintenance like your other vehicle needs. For small repairs or maintenance, you can easily do it at home using a motorcycle lift. This guide is for you if you need the best motorcycle lift table for Harley Davidson.

If you know what to look for to buy a perfect motorcycle lift, then you can get the best one. Paying a premium price is not everything. Let’s check out how to get the best motorcycle lift for your favorite Harley Davidson.

Weight and Height

You can’t take this fact lightly when buying a motorcycle lifter. If it cannot prove itself as a worthy one to lift the weight of your Harley Davidson then it’s not a solution for you. According to the model of the lift, there are lots of differences in weight capacity.

Some can lift 1000 pounds and some can lift 1500 pounds. Before you buy the lift read the spec description carefully. Here will be mentioned the weight capacity. You will get a clear idea about the use of the lift, what and how much you can lift with it.

You have to buy that lift table which exceeds the weight of your bike. The weight is also related to the height of the lift. It offers maximum weight. This spec will tell you how high you can lift your Harley Davidson. You can identify whether the lift is good for you or not.


To repair or maintain your Harley Davidson easier way, you need a lift table that is stable enough. All the lift table is not perfect for your bike. It’s important to keep the bike fixed when you are working on it. A quality lift offers the service that you need to make your bike stable.

If your bike is not secured that an unwanted event could arise that can be harmful to your health. Stability means the lift table is safe enough for both your bike and you. So, get that lift  table which features a built-in security lock. It will prevent your bike from slipping and collapsing.

Ease of use

To make the activity easy to maintain your Harley Davidson ensures that the lift  table is easy to use. You may need to check the oil, fix the damage, polishing the bike. So, ease of use is important that needs to be ensured by a certain motorcycle lift table. To keep your bike in a safe position and to reach wheels and other hard to reach parts is important.


For your Harley Davidson, you might get that lift which is also best in design. You also need to focus on portability, paint protection as well. A well-designed lift can serve your purpose nicely. Harley Davidson is different from other bikes. So, you have to pick that lift which easily lifts and offers possible advantages easily. A good design can cover a wider variety of needs.


Buying a motorcycle lift is easy. You can get plenty of options for it. For your Harley Davidson, you can buy a cheaper one or a simple lift. You need some extra features that can increase the price of the lift. For your Harley, you might need a hydraulic system. Ensuring more features means it will tag the final cost.


Question 1: What is a motorcycle lift?

Answer: There are lots of tools available to keep, that need to maintain your motorcycle. A motorcycle lift is one of these which used to raise the motorcycle in a high position. Raising the bike above the ground makes the user easy to reach the hard to reach parts to repair or replace.

After using the lift, you don’t need to lie down or bend on the ground. Lift comes with compressed air or hydraulic air. This system helps to lift the bike in the desired position. This type of lift comes as in different styles and capabilities. It has a platform that is easy to adjust and offers great stability for your bike.

Question 2: How does a motorcycle lift table function?

Answer: A motorcycle lift works in different ways. The process is simple and easy to follow. Most of the motorcycle stands can be removed that are positioned under the motorcycle. It helps to balance the bike. The lifting mechanism of lift is related to the bike position when it is lifted in the air. The lifting mechanism offers a different system that can be controlled by the user.

You may need to use the mechanical handle, hydraulic system or compressed air to lift the bike. This type of lift table has rubber pads that prevent the bike from slipping. After completing the work, the bike can be lowered.

Question 3: How to maintain a motorcycle lift?

Answer: Maintaining a motorcycle lift table is very important. It will prevent your injury. But most of the people don’t know about the procedures of motorcycle lift  table maintenance. Most of the time, some professionals do this thing. Following some specific guidelines can make you pro to maintain your motorcycle lift. To repair the parts, use a genuine replacement part.

It will cost but offer a quality service. Keep all the bolts tight. If you are cleaning the floor, then raise the lift table before. Before the use inspects on the damage. Lubricate the joint regularly. You can follow this lubricating process once in a week or once in a month.