Best Stage 1 Air Cleaner For Harley Davidson: Top 5 Picks!

Best Stage 1 Air Cleaner For Harley Davidson: Top 5 Picks

If you’ve just grabbed a legendary ride like Harley Davidson and thinking of giving in an extra edge with the best Stage 1 air cleaner for Harley Davidson, then I think you’ve just stepped into the right Pitstop.

This air cleaner could be a great addition to your arsenal. It ensures the optimal level of air flows within the engine that needs for better combustion. To get the enhanced acceleration stage 1 air cleaner is here for you. It traps all the debris, dust, grit from the air, and filters it.

In this article of mine, you’re going to have a glance at the best air filters with the capability of pushing the performance to a better level.

Best Stage 1 Air Cleaner Reviews For Harley Davidson

Air filters are meant for boosting up the overall performance of the ride along with restricting dust & random debris to keep the engine in a clean state. Let’s discuss some best options for air cleaner.

1. Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Intake

There is no doubt about the beauty of the stock look of the air intake for Harley. But the owner of Harley Davidson gets frustrated because of the performance. This air intake of V&H solves all the problems. To offer you more power it sucks more air. This unit is designed for working perfectly with V&H FP3. Even you can hear the sound of working as well.

It’s like a wake-up call for your dull engine. It has a useful tube to reroute the oil to the filter. This solid sucker increases power even without any fuel adjustment. To get the big difference in power and torque, this reliable air filter is for you. This unit of the air filter is a great addition to the arsenal.

The large inlet backing plate ensures more air for more power. This is a reusable filter. If you need then clean it as much as you need. It doesn’t minimize the service at all. To protect this air filter you can add an extra cover for it.

  • Ensure more power than the stock one
  • Washable element
  • Great hold up
  • Reasonable price
  • Beautiful design
  • No clear manual for installation

Available On Amazon

2. Arlen Ness 18-326 Black Big Sucker Stage I Air Filter

This unit of the air cleaner is an ideal example of perfect engineering. There are a few best air cleaners in the market. This unit is designed as a single piece and comes with an aluminum backing plate that supports a meshed circumference. This well-netted air cleaner prevents any contaminants. So, your engines section will keep healthy and functional all the time.

For the better engine lifetime, this unit keeps out any kind of foreign particles. This is the true beauty of this air cleaner. The breather hole is perfectly positioned, which is important for a better air cleaner. This hole located at the center of the throttle mouth.

The overall weight of this unit is 2.7 pounds. To fight with debris and crashes the heavy-duty outer steel covers the protection. This unit comes with its personalized breathing technology. This tech helps the engine to avoid overheating problems and malfunctioning. Because of the single-piece air cleaner, it’s easy to install.

  • Patented breather Technology
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Restrict the dust and random debris
  • Compact size
  • The Carb support bracket
  • Poor quality bolts

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3. Arlen Ness 18-803 Big Sucker Performance Air Filter

This air filter comes with a smooth functioning mechanism. This air filter is designed for better performance along with efficient power delivery capabilities. It can minimize the irritating sound of the vehicle. To keep the braking system safe, it comes as a one-piece aluminum backing plate. There is no need for any kind of extra fittings or additional filters. It features the carb support bracket.

To restrict the entry of foreign particles, it consists of cotton foam. All these foam are placed around the rim. In the center of the filter, you will find the breathing passage. This passage is important to make the airflow easily from the opening of the carburetor. To keep the engine healthy and top-notch condition, this air filter comes as a form of a closed-loop system.

A user can get the variations in stage kits for this unit. Stage 1 offers High Flow Air Filter. This filter fits a 93 by 15 round or over outer cover. But stage 2 comes with a 20 percent bigger High Flow Air Filter.

  • Compete for fuel combustion
  • Increase the horsepower
  • Easy to install
  • Backing plate
  • Patented breather technology
  • The backplate is painted silver not chrome

Available On Amazon

4. K&N Motorcycle Air Filter: High Flow Performance Air Filter

People love to make some difference in their Harley Davidson bike to other bikes. Despite the same model, you can get different sounds as well. A perfect air filter is an essential tool for the bike. K&N offers this fantastic unit of the air filter. It can provide more power to your engine. People love to modify the air filter which also increases the life of the engine.

As a standard model, you can install this air filter that can help to speed up the performance as you desire. After installing this air filter, the sound is going to be unique and throaty. This High Flow Performance Air Filter is a great addition. The exceptional filtration mechanism makes this thing happen. In the combustion system, this filter allows entering three times more air.

It’s a positive effect on your bike. As a result, you will get more horsepower and the rate of acceleration. This unit is perfectly designed that easily fits in the factory-made air box. So you don’t need an extra cover for it. You can use this filter up to 50000 in a single cleaning. It is sustainable and does not need to be replaced for years.

  • Easy to install
  • Imparts extra air
  • Improved combustion process
  • Offering better mileage in a single wash
  • Offer three times more air
  • High Flow Air Filter made of low-quality material

Available On Amazon

5. Arlen Ness 18-329 Black Big Sucker Stage I Air Filter Kit with Cover

This air filter is a better option if you want to customize your Harley Davidson. This air filter is designed to deliver an improved throttle response. The user can feel the change of increased power. You can hear the air sucking of this powerful unit. This is a suitable unit for your Harley Davidson.

The performance of this air filter can fulfill your expectation. It allows your bike to breathe in a better way. If you want to upgrade your air filter, then this is the ultimate choice for you. The design is beautiful and also perfectly fit in your bike. Along with the clear instruction manual, it is easy to install in less time.

It’s designed for hidden breather technology. This filter does not require any banjo fittings, hoses, and filters. This hassle-free unit can create a virtually closed-loop system. To make this filter more effective it comes with a steel outer cover.

  • High-quality filter
  • It looks nice because of the red color
  • Competitive price
  • Suitable for Sportster model
  • Perfect for stage 1 improvement
  • Not available able in black color

Available On Amazon

Things Need To Consider To Buy The Best Stage 1 Air Cleaner For Harley Davidson:

Buying the best stage 1 air cleaner for Harley Davidson is not easy. It all depends on many factors like the mileage of the bike, model and types of the bike, etc. If you want any additional modification, then you should choose your option for a specific air filter you need.

For the best buy, pay proper attention to its feature. We have discussed the most important factor that you need to consider to get a relevant air cleaner.

Air Filter Type

The air filter is available in many types. On the market, you will find paper, foam, and cotton air cleaner. The paper filter is for those who aren’t concerned about engine performance and health. This type of air filter is inexpensive, disposable, and delicate.

If the breathing system is clogged, then you can easily clean or replace this foam air cleaner easily. It can damage the engine if it’s not cleaned regularly. It can limit the airflow that causes the damage of the bike engine. The cotton foam filter is good for cleaning and helps to outlast the engine.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air

For the best air filter, you should ensure the High-Efficiency Particulate Air. It can minimize the chances of entering allergens like dust, animal dander, metallic shard, and plastic. Before you buy it you have to ensure the bigger HEPA filter.

Check CADR ratings

This feature is useful to determine how much air is going to be purified. This is essential when your bike reaches its maximum achievable speed. Even this rating reflects the efficiency of removing foreign particles.

Surface Area

You cannot buy an air filter of a small surface area. The bigger surface area will ensure a greater and bigger barrier. These formed barriers prevent your engine from dirt particles. It will keep the engine clean all the time. To keep your engine apart from the harmful external element this surface plays a vital role.

Because of the surface area, you need to look for an air cleaner that comes with dozens of ridges and pleats. It is considered a smart design. This type of design comes to increase the surface area. This area offers greater safeguarding effects.

Temperature Resistance

To get a suitable air filter you also need to consider the engine model and the horsepower. This defines the capabilities of generating temperature. Considering all the roles of your engine, get the relevant air filter. There are few models available which offer a superiorly high-temperature resistance facility.


Question 1: What does an air filter do?

Answer: The main function of this air filter is defined by its name. The basic function of this air filter is filtering the air that is entering the motor of your bike. If you have a bike, then you must know why the cleaned air is needed for your engine.

In a polluted or dusty environment, you cannot get fresh air. The air is full of particles of grit, dirt, dust, and many more foreign objects. Your engine could be damaged if all these particles enter the engine. It can score the piston walls.

Question 2: What is a stage 1 air cleaner?

Answer: If you are an owner of Harley Davidson, then you know about this phrase. It belongs to the Haley community. Stage 1 for the air filter means it can modify the air and fuel system of the engine. For that, you don’t need to modify the parts of the engine, especially the moving part.

Stage 1 is related to the air filter and changing the bike exhaust. Without getting a performance filter, stage 1 can influence the bike’s performance over time. It helps to tune the bike and ensure optimal performance.

Question 3: Can you clean a Harley Davidson air filter?

Answer: Most of the air filters of Harley Davidson can be cleaned and reused. If you want to stick with the stock version of the air filter, then clean it just using mild detergent. You can use soap and lukewarm water. If you use any kind of air compressor or harsh chemical then the element of the air filter could be damaged.

Don’t use any other cleaners like chain cleaners, bike cleaners, chrome cleaners, or carb cleaners. It just needs a gentle wash by hand. You can use gentle air pressure to blow out the debris.


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