Most Comfortable Seat For Harley Sportster: [Top 6 Picks]

Are you thinking to replace the seat of your Harley Sportster? Well, if you need the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster, our today’s review will guide you through the best options probably.

Harley Sportster is the most promising motorcycle for the latest generation. So far it has been ruling as a stylish and trendy motorcycle. But when the comfort zone comes in the head for your Harley Sportster bike’s seat, you can’t compromise with anything.

Here we come with our top 6 most comfortable Harley Sportster seat. We have also constructed the buying guides and a bunch of FAQ lists for taking better decisions.

Most Comfortable Seat For Harley Sportster

Being a Harley Sportster, we understand if you are searching for a comfortable seat. Riders who make long or occasional journeys need a good seat obviously for making every journey worthy of their time.

So, here we have come along with the top-rated 6 comfortable sportster seats that are available on amazon:

1. Mustang 76957 : Tripper Fastback One-Piece 2-Up Sportster Seat(Fits 2004-2019)

If you’re looking for everlasting comfort when riding your precious and vintage Harley Sportster, then the Mustang 76957 Motorcycle Seat is what you should go for.

While this bike seat’s hefty price tag may overwhelm you, allow us to tell you why it’s a great value for the money.


The Mustang 76957 is quite compatible, which is one of the prime reasons why bikers absolutely adore it. Hence, you’ll have no problems fitting this sweet motorcycle seat on any Harley-Davidson Sportster model from ’04-’06 and ’10-’19.

Build Quality

You can feel confident that its broad seat- which is stitched with excellent matte vinyl- will not slip or slide.

Therefore, you may easily change positions while riding. Furthermore, it boasts a low-cut shape that provides greater back support.


Using the instructions booklet to install the Mustang 76957 can help you avoid any loose movements. In addition, the seat pushes the rider back roughly 1.75″ so tall riders can anticipate getting the most out of it.

With around a width of 19″ and 14″ on the front and back respectively, both the driver and the passenger will experience a smooth and comfortable ride. On the other hand, the padding is so thick that it raises your sitting height by 2-3″.

Available On Amazon

2. Mustang 76569: Low Tripper Passenger Motorcycle Seat For Sportster

The Mustang 76559 Low Tripper Passenger Motorcycle Seat is a two-piece variant of the Mustang DayTripper seat. And after we tell you what this seat can do, you’ll be on your way to purchasing one!


When it comes to the Mustang 76559, one thing we can assure you is that you will feel extremely at ease when riding in it.

That’s because it causes you to sit slightly lower and farther than your bike’s stock seat does. Thus, you can easily travel around 3-4 hours without hurting your tailbone.


To begin, the Mustang 76559 features a low-cut, elegant seat design. This provides the driver with additional lumbar support and cushioning.

The seat, on the other hand, is highly water-absorbent. As a result, please take caution while venturing out on wet days.

Compatibility And Dimensions

This excellent passenger seat surprisingly goes great with the matching Mustang Low Tripper solo seat.

Additionally, the 11.5″ wide bucket enables you to move freely without any restrictions. Oh, and it’s rear width is about 7″, which is relatively high.

The 76559 looks great on a variety of Harley-Davidson Sportster models(2004-2020), just like all of its Mustang motorcycle seat siblings. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see a visible gap at the seat’s nose on models with a 2.1-gallon tank.

Available On Amazon

3. Mustang 76157: Standard & Solo Touring Seat For Harley Sportster (2004 -2018)

There’s no doubt that Mustang is one of the biggest producers and retailers of motorcycle seats.

Therefore, it’s best you believe that products like Mustang 76157 Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat won’t fail to surprise you. In a moment, you’ll know why.


If you own a Harley-Davidson Sportster, then you’re in luck! Because the Mustang 76157 is suitable with models from 2004 to all the way up to 2021.

At the same time, it also works on models that have a 2.1 and 3.3-gallon tank.


The Mustang 76157 Standard Touring Solo Motorcycle Seat has a slightly elevated back to give greater lumbar support. However, it was initially only available in black.

In addition, the seat’s large bucket helps the driver to be more comfortable for a longer period than standard seats.

Dimensions And Components

First and foremost, the 76157 comes with a fender nut kit that will help you install the seat onto your bike.

Moreover, the front of the seat has a width of 12.5″, which is more than enough to occupy tall riders, in our opinion.

In addition, the seat pushes you back around 1-2″ and boosts your height significantly (roughly 1.5-2″).

We weren’t expecting a solo seat to have so many features, but if we’re honest, this is one of the most comfortable motorbike seats we’ve ever seen.

Available On Amazon

4. Mustang 76145: Fastback One-Piece 2-Up Sportster Motorcycle Seat

On the market, there are a plethora of low-cost and budget motorcycle seats. However, allow us to explain why the Mustang 76145 Fastback One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat deserves a spot in your garage.

There’s a reason it’s one of our top six choices:

Build Quality

The quality leather-like vinyl covering of the Mustang 76145 makes it highly attractive. It also has a streamlined appearance thanks to the tapered passenger portions.

Moreover, the high rising walls act as amazing lumbar support! And lastly, it has a clean and custom look.


Like always, all Harley Sportster models from 2004 through 2019 are compatible with the Mustang 76145 Fastback One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat.

Moreover, it fits surprisingly well with models comprising a 2.1 or 3.3-gallon tank. However, it’s only available in black.

Size And Weight

The seat itself is 14″ broad in the front and 6″ broad in the rear. Also, in comparison to the stock seats, the Mustang 76145’s design sets the driver somewhat lower and further back. And it has an overall dimension of 12.5″ x 10″ x 32″

The weight of the seat is an important aspect in affecting the driver’s comfort when riding a bike.

Fortunately, the 76145 weighs just about 8.5 pounds, making it rather light. As a result, your behind will no longer be numb from the pain!

Available On Amazon

5. Mustang 76568: Tripper Style Solo Motorcycle Seat For Sportster

As fellow Harley-Davidson bikers, we are no strangers to tailbone soreness and backaches. Hence, we understand the importance of using a good bike seat and how it affects your comfortability. Thus, allow us to introduce to you the Mustang 76568 Tripper Solo Motorcycle Seat! 

Comfortable Design

The Mustang 76568- which is a two-piece version of the Mustang DayTripper seat- allows you to sit lower and farther back for more comfort.

In addition, the low-cut form of the seat provides extra back support. Thus, it’s a far better alternative than the stock models.


Mustang is a very well-known name in the motorcycle realm because of how adaptive their products are.

Especially their Harley-Davidson Sportster exclusive line of bike seats. Therefore, the Mustang 76568 will fit on any Sportster model from ’04 to ’20 with a 4.5-gallon tank.


If you prefer taking short solo trips on a regular basis, then Mustang 76568 will be ideal for you. That’s because it is 11″ wide in the front and 7″ broad in the back. Therefore, you’ll be able to change positions swiftly and easily.

Available On Amazon

6. Mustang 76728: Best Solo & Wide Tripper Sportster Seat

Mustang has done a splendid job crafting the 76728 Wide Tripper Solo Motorcycle Seat. However, why would you purchase a motorbike seat with so much money? We’ll tell you exactly why it’s worth your investment.


The premium-grade synthetic glove leather cover is the key to Mustang 76728’s fantastic durability. Oh, and the intricate stitchwork makes it visually appealing as well.

In addition, its low-cut shape allows drivers to sit at a somewhat lower height than standard.


When you think about it, the Mustang 76728 possesses all the features for keeping the driver comfortable.

For example, it has a low-cut design, which lets you sit at a lower level. However, one unique feature has piqued our interest- extra width around the hip region.

How is it a unique feature, you may ask? Well, the extra-wide seat accounts for the extra comfort the driver receives throughout the entire day. And it makes you look cool too!


To be honest, we didn’t expect anything special in terms of Mustang 76728 compatibility. But, oh, how glad we were to be proven wrong! It turns out that this fantastic motorbike seat is fit for all Harley Sportster models from 2004-06 and as well as 2010-19.

Available On Amazon

How To Chose a Harley Sportster Seat:

Why Buy New Seat For Harley Sportster?

The stock seat is not what you want. There are many reasons to ditch stock seats and get one of the best seats for Harley Sportster now.

 What Size Should I Consider?

As you can see, the stock seats are not always wide and big. Since the smaller stock seat makes it hard to settle your body. So, it’s always difficult to settle them while you are on a long ride for hours.

Sometimes, riders end up having backache while stock seats make the persistent pain in the backside. So, switching to a comfortable seat for your Harley Sportster becomes a necessity but not a luxury. The seats we have come along in this review, all of them are wide enough to make the butt sit firm on the seat and relax while you are making a long ride.

Which Seats Are More Comfortable & Durable?

Stock seats are solid, hard, and not comfortable for sitting quite long. If you want to choose the best seat, you must have to consider a seat that has foam padding.

Else, the seats which don’t have any stitches lining are not only durable but the most comfortable ones. Because they don’t have any hard border to cause pain. Else, the stitches are liable to cause irritation and pain while you sit on a seat for a longer time.

The gel core interior functionality is another sole reason that ensures an extreme comfort zone. So, you can check out if the seat you are going to choose for your Harley Sportster has the gel core functionality or not.

Should Color Make Any Impact On Your Decision?

While most of the seats are either black or grey, you don’t have plenty of choices to choose from them. But still, you must have to consider the combination with your Harley Sportster and the seat. If the seat is slightly mismatching, it might get the wrong impression from the outsiders.


Which seats are comfortable for Harley Sportster?

Ans: Actually, the comfortable feel on a seat comes from the size. While the size is enough wide to make fit that makes you feel comfortable. So, always make sure the seat is wide and long. Remember too much wide or too much narrow seat makes the rider feel discomfort. So, you must get something which is just the correct fit for you.

Should I consider back support?

Ans: Stock seats never come with back support. And that’s one of the reasons you should change them and get a comfortable seat for your Harley Sportster. Most of the comfortable seats have back support and you shouldn’t skip this feature.

How long does it take to get used to a comfortable seat?

Ans: Well, when there is no hurting or slipping issue, you don’t have to get used to a comfortable seat. You will be always comfortable with any seat that is comfy, smoother, and a correct fit.

What extra features would I need?

Ans: There are no specific extra features for a comfortable seat it the seat is already mid-wide and comfortable. You can still check out the quality of the materials. If the materials are leather rather than cloth, it would be more durable and sturdier. Else, the inside materials must be foam and gel core included.

Final Words:

We have covered all of the pinpoints regarding the buying guide, FAQ, and reviews for the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster.

So, now you can make your decision on the best one. Still, if you can’t make the decision, you should choose the one which has all the peak features you need.

Sometimes, you can get all of your essentials in less than your expected budget if you can choose smartly and make the right move.



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