Most Comfortable Seat For Harley Sportster: [Top 7 Picks]

Are you thinking to replace the seat of your Harley Sportster? Well, if you need the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster, our today’s review will guide you through the best options probably.

Harley Sportster is the most promising motorcycle for the latest generation. So far it has been ruling as a stylish and trendy motorcycle. But when the comfort zone comes in the head for your Harley Sportster bike’s seat, you can’t compromise with anything.

Here we come with our top 7 most comfortable Harley Sportster seat. We have also constructed the buying guides and a bunch of FAQ lists for taking better decisions.

In a hurry, here is the quick list of most comfortable seats for harley sportster:

  1. Mustang 76145 – Fits On (2004-2018 Models) Harley Sportster
  2. HTTMT MT500-004– Front Driver Solo Black Seat For Harley Sportster
  3. Mustang 76568  Tripper Solo Motorcycle Seat For Sportster
  4. Custom Brown Leather Solo Seat with Spring for Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200 883 48
  5. Artudatech Leather Driver & Passenger 2-UP Seat For Sportster
  6. Miss Molly Brown Solo Seat Bracket Cushion for Harley Davidson Sportster
  7. Senkauto Black Motorcycle 3″ Bobber Solo Seat Spring Bracket Kit For Harley Sportster

Most Comfortable Seat For Harley Sportster

Being a Harley Sportster, we understand if you are searching for a comfortable seat. Riders who make long or occasional journeys need a good seat obviously for making every journey worthy of their time.

So, here we have come along with the top-rated 5 comfortable seats.

1.  Mustang 76145 – Fits On (2004-2018 Models) Harley Sportster

Are you not getting a comfortable experience in your current seat of your Harley Sportster?

There is nothing worry further now. We have come along with this promising Mustang seat which is comfortable and classy too. Whatever trouble you are going through now will vanish once you get this.

It gives back support and no slipping from the seat. So, you hardly have to worry about any uncertain incident. If you are about to spend your money, not for your comfort but also the style, this is indeed the right one. It looks very simple yet the cleanest and most classy in look.

Packaging includes Philips screwdriver and also stock fender screw for the installation. You don’t have to bring it under the workshop billing system for installing it.

Once you install it, the setting is firm. You hardly have to worry about the seat going back. Comparing to any stock seat, it gives a flexible sitting position and also a comfortable feeling for the long drive sensation.

  • Looks impressive on the Harley.
  • Comfortable back support.
  • Easy to install.
  • Beautiful design with sturdy construction.
  • Could be less pricey.
  • Doesn’t compatible with another motorcycle.

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2. HTTMT MT500-004– Front Driver Solo Black Seat For Harley Sportster

We’re more or less aware that cheap motorcycle seats don’t last for a long time. And to be honest, we don’t blame anyone; after all, the better the quality, the more expensive it is. 

HTTMT, on the other hand, has decided to forever disrupt that tradition by releasing the MT500-004- Front Driver Solo Black Seat. And the best part is that they prioritized your everyday comfort when producing this gem of motorcycle seats. But how did it become so popular? Let’s find out.

Comprising an ABS plastic frame, the MT500-004 is made out of premium synthetic leather, giving it a very elegant finish. Furthermore, the black color of the seat will look great on your Harley Sportster XL1200X 48-72-40-8-72. Truth be told, we were genuinely surprised by how comfortable the seat was.

We did note, though, that the seat puffs out in the sunlight. We also had to cram the front of the seat under the gas tank. On the other hand, it will move you slightly further in comparison to low-profile seats. But then again, it’s a motorcycle seat under 100 dollars. Hence, you wouldn’t exactly get the same features as a $500 seat now, would you? 

Nevertheless, you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth. But please bear in mind that the MT500-004 is extremely heavy for a motorcycle seat (220lbs). As a matter of fact, this might’ve been the heaviest that we’ve ever seen.


  • Great money value
  • Cheap
  • Premium look
  • Sturdy frame
  • Very comfortable


  • Very heavy

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3. Mustang 76568  Tripper Solo Motorcycle Seat For Sportster

We, as Harley-Davidson bikers, are no strangers to backaches and tailbone stiffness. As a result, we understand the value of a good bike seat and how it influences your comfort. As a result, we’d like to introduce the Mustang 76568 Tripper Solo Motorcycle Seat to you! 

The Mustang 76568, a two-piece version of the Mustang DayTripper seat, allows you to sit lower and farther back for increased comfort when it comes to the seat’s design. At least, that’s what happened in our case. Additionally, the 11″ wide seat front makes it highly spacious for tall people as well! 

On the other hand, the 7″ wide back also accounts for smoothly changing your position. And last but not least, we really liked how the seat’s low-cut form acts as excellent back support. And if we talk about its compatibility, the Mustang 76568 will suit any Sportster model with a 4.5-gallon tank from 2004 to 2020.

To the people whose pockets are deep and who don’t mind investing in a good motorcycle seat, we would highly recommend the Mustang 76568. After all, it’s a Mustang product, so all of its attributes speak for itself. But, unfortunately, the seat might not fit you well if you’re over 6’3. Therefore, please plan accordingly.

  • Lightweight
  • Compatible
  • Wide and long
  • Good back support
  • Sleek design
  • Relatively expensive

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4. Custom Brown Leather Solo Seat with Spring for Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200 883 48

If you’re looking for a motorcycle seat that has an elegant yet simple finish, look no further. Because we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. Rich Choices’ Custom Brown Motorcycle Leather Solo Seat with Spring is everything you’ll need to complete the aesthetic of your ride. You’ll know why in a minute.

One of Rich Choices’ key objectives is their patron’s comfort. Therefore, they went to great lengths to make this seat as comfy as possible. This explains why they have used neoprene foam as the base material for the seat. They even made sure the seat was embroidered with brown leather for a more elegant look.

However, that’s not all this amazing seat has to offer! Its sturdy heavy-duty steel frame is one of the main culprits behind the seat’s durability. 

In addition, the 11-¾” wide base ensures that you have no problems sitting on it. At the same time, the seat is 13-¾” long, which is more than enough to fit tall people, according to us.

When it comes to compatibility, the Custom Brown Motorcycle Leather Solo Seat with Spring is the perfect fit for Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200 883 48. However, it is shockingly versatile; it can easily go well on Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki bikes. Pretty convenient if you ask us.

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Highly comfort
  • Great money value
  • Leather may wear out
  • It doesn’t come with washers

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5. Artudatech Leather Driver & Passenger 2-UP Seat For Sportster

When you’re in the motorcycle seat industry, it’s nearly impossible that you haven’t heard about Artudatech. That’s how reliable their seats are.

However, their Leather Driver & Passenger 2-UP Seat has really redefined the meaning of this word. And in case you didn’t know, it’s one of the most comfortable seats for a Harley Sportster.

The Artudatech Leather Driver & Passenger 2-UP seat is designed specifically for the Harley Sportster XL883 XL1200 48 72, which surprised us. Fortunately, we had that exact model in our garage. Therefore, we were able to carry out a field test. And all we can say; the seat passed with flying colors.

If that wasn’t enough to persuade you to get one, perhaps this might. It is made up of a thick foam pillow which offers a greater degree of comfort. 

On top of that, the seat’s soft synthetic leather pad has immense tensile strength. Believe us; we tried a lot of methods to crack it, but it didn’t work. Thus, there’s no doubt that it can withstand a lot of pressure.

Furthermore, the installation process seemed fairly easy to use since it already came with pre-drilled mounting holes. However, the company doesn’t offer a user manual. Moreover, you may need to make minor changes so that it fits your bike perfectly. Lastly, its size (75cm x 35cm) promises to take care of your back! 

  • Lightweight
  • Better than the stock seat
  • Wide base
  • Thick padding
  • Doesn’t crack easily
  • Mainly for bikes with smaller gas tanks
  • Might wobble after mounting

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6. Miss Molly Brown Solo Seat Bracket Cushion for Harley Davidson Sportster

To begin with, we were immediate fans of the Miss Molly Brown Motorcycle Solo Seat Bracket Cushion when we got to know it consists of neoprene foam. That means its thermal stability makes the seat flexible. Furthermore, the seat’s synthetic leather cover makes it much more attractive than you’d expect from your usual seat.

We’re honestly surprised to see how comfortable this seat is. As a matter of fact, it would’ve been the best motorcycle seat for Harley Sportster for its price had the company included washers for the spring. Therefore, you might have a hard time mounting it. Moreover, it comes in 6 different colors!

Consequently, the Miss Molly Brown Motorcycle Solo Seat is compatible with most Harley Sportster models. It also fits bikes from Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and a slew of other well-known brands. And the cherry on top is that we could easily sit on this 13-¾” motorbike seat thanks to its 11-¾” wide base.

In case you’re wondering about the seat’s durability, let us help relieve your stress; this unique solo seat has a steel frame, which makes it capable of bearing weights of up to 250lbs!

And speaking about weights, it only weighs 4.87lbs, making it quite light. So, all in all, the Moly Brown Motorcycle Solo Seat is exactly what you’d expect for its price tag.

  • Splendid seat
  • Custom-look
  • Durable
  • Great value for money
  • Great padding
  • It May be uncomfortable for some people
  • It might not fit properly

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7. Senkauto Black Motorcycle 3" Bobber Solo Seat Spring Bracket Kit For Harley Sportster

As the name suggests, the Senkauto Black Motorcycle 3" Bobber Solo Seat has a 3" tall spring that acts as a shock absorber for the seat. 

However, when we took it out for testing, we did experience some sort of stiffness after riding 5 miles sitting on it. Nonetheless, the seat is much better than the lousy stock ones.

You can easily tell that Senkauto has done a great job crafting this bobber solo seat by simply looking at it. We mean you don't always see motorcycle seats made out of thick neoprene foam and synthetic leather. Thus, this clearly goes on to show how much the company cares for its customers.

Oh, and it is also equipped with a steel frame, something that you'd expect from high-quality motorbike seats. Moving on to its compatibility, we found out this seat is ideal for Harley Sportster XL883/1200 after a lot of careful inspection.

However, you can also use it on Harley Sportster 883 models (1990-2013). In addition, it also fits Harley Road Glide (1998-2013) and King (1998-2014). Finally, the color and build quality of the seat is exactly what you'd expect for the price. Thus, if you're on a tight budget, we'd suggest going for this one.

  • Great money value
  • Quite versatile
  • Shock absorber
  • Easy to install
  • lightweight
  • The seat is weak
  • Hard to sit on

Available On Amazon


How To Chose a Harley Sportster Seat:

Why Buy New Seat For Harley Sportster?

The stock seat is not what you want. There are many reasons to ditch stock seats and get one of the best seats for Harley Sportster now.

What Size Should I Consider?

As you can see, the stock seats are not always wide and big. Since the smaller stock seat makes it hard to settle your body. So, it's always difficult to settle them while you are on a long ride for hours.

Sometimes, riders end up having backache while stock seats make the persistent pain in the backside. So, switching to a comfortable seat for your Harley Sportster becomes a necessity but not a luxury. The seats we have come along in this review, all of them are wide enough to make the butt sit firm on the seat and relax while you are making a long ride.

Which Seats Are More Comfortable & Durable?

Stock seats are solid, hard, and not comfortable for sitting quite long. If you want to choose the best seat, you must have to consider a seat that has foam padding.

Else, the seats which don’t have any stitches lining are not only durable but the most comfortable ones. Because they don’t have any hard border to cause pain. Else, the stitches are liable to cause irritation and pain while you sit on a seat for a longer time.

The gel core interior functionality is another sole reason that ensures an extreme comfort zone. So, you can check out if the seat you are going to choose for your Harley Sportster has the gel core functionality or not.

Should Color Make Any Impact On Your Decision?

While most of the seats are either black or grey, you don’t have plenty of choices to choose from them. But still, you must have to consider the combination with your Harley Sportster and the seat. If the seat is slightly mismatching, it might get the wrong impression from the outsiders.


Which seats are comfortable for Harley Sportster?

Ans: Actually, the comfortable feel on a seat comes from the size. While the size is enough wide to make fit that makes you feel comfortable. So, always make sure the seat is wide and long. Remember too much wide or too much narrow seat makes the rider feel discomfort. So, you must get something which is just the correct fit for you.

Should I consider back support?

Ans: Stock seats never come with back support. And that’s one of the reasons you should change them and get a comfortable seat for your Harley Sportster. Most of the comfortable seats have back support and you shouldn’t skip this feature.

How long does it take to get used to a comfortable seat?

Ans: Well, when there is no hurting or slipping issue, you don’t have to get used to a comfortable seat. You will be always comfortable with any seat that is comfy, smoother, and a correct fit.

What extra features would I need?

Ans: There are no specific extra features for a comfortable seat it the seat is already mid-wide and comfortable. You can still check out the quality of the materials. If the materials are leather rather than cloth, it would be more durable and sturdier. Else, the inside materials must be foam and gel core included.

Final Words:

We have covered all of the pinpoints regarding the buying guide, FAQ, and reviews for the most comfortable seat for Harley Sportster.

So, now you can make your decision on the best one. Still, if you can’t make the decision, you should choose the one which has all the peak features you need.

Sometimes, you can get all of your essentials in less than your expected budget if you can choose smartly and make the right move.