5 Most Comfortable Touring Seat For Harley To Get In 2022!

The worst nightmare is when you do not feel comfortable sitting on your Harley bike’s seat while touring. But you can make the touring excellent in its way while you have the best Harley touring seat. Luckily, most of the Harley bikes have seat replacement options.

Thus, you can easily get a replacement if the touring seat of your Harley is somehow broken, torn, or damaged. Since Harley Davison is a well-known brand in the automobile industry. Every accessory of this brand has its befitted style, elegance, and flexibility.

So, do you know which the best seats for Harley touring? Well, there are many Harley touring seats out there. Still, you need to check out their features, comfort level, and durability, which can be a perfect mate for your long riding journey.

Most Comfortable Touring Seats For Harley

In this review, we tried to merge everything to get some options for the best touring seat for Harley. After deep research, we got some major options for everyone who is looking for these types of seats. Let’s have a glance over the best seats for Harley touring.

1. Mustang 76145 Fastback One-Piece 2-Up Motorcycle Seat

This seat is designed to offer some major improvements if you want to change your motorcycle seat. Maybe this seat seems like an expensive one, but it is actually not. It offers great service to the user. According to its features, the price is totally justifiable. This seat offers the best comfort that makes your day on your bike more beautiful.

This unique touring seat offers a super clean and custom style. This type of seat is perfect for back support. Following the same tradition, this unit comes with a high-rising wall that plays a vital role in the excellent back support. To make it more comfortable by placing the rider slightly lower, the cut low offers the best support.

To make this design more attractive the passenger section was made with care. The overall look can change your ride. It will take less time for the installation. As a great seat, it follows the line of the bike perfectly.

? Pros:

  • Its looks great
  • Easy to install
  • Comfortable than the stock seat
  • Easy to fit in a bike
  • Durable construction

? Cons:

  • Relatively expensive

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2. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Driver Front Rear Passenger Seat

In this, best Harley touring seat reviews, INNOGLOW is the passenger seat that you want to set up on your ride. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Driver Front Rear Passenger Seat is everything that you need. First of all, this unit can draw attention because of the design. The exquisite diamond white stitching design comes as the best outlook for the passenger seat. This unit of the passenger seat is available in black color, which perfects almost every type of bike.

The construction of this seat is great which is also made of quality material. Synthetic leather and soft foam are used to make this unit comfortable and durable. For a comfortable ride, these foam cushions support better. To make it more fashionable it came up with two up designs. For the back-up support, it adds additional padding.

The seat pan is made with ABS injection molding. To the nose and tail, it has high-quality steel mounting brackets. The installation process of this unit is easy and quick. To ride around the town there are no better options without it.

? Pros:

  • Comfortable design
  • Fashionable style
  • Easy to install
  • Durable because of the quality material
  • Better back up support

? Cons:

  • The Flat bar is low

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3. XFMT New Hammock Rider and Passenger Seat

As a bike rider, there is no option without using a touring seat. XFMT Hammock is a must-have option for the enthusiast tourist and the regular bike rider. It’s not only good for your bike but also different in many ways. It comes with eye-catching black color. Because of its features, you can consider this seat for better comfort.

It offers an integrated suspension system. It looks good in every aspect after installing it. This design is perfect for any bike rider that protects the tailbone of the passenger and rider. It is designed to keep your back safe from harsh road impacts. This brand new seat is made of synthetic leather and foam. It also has Iron and PP Plastic.

After getting this seat, it is super easy to install with less time. This seat is maybe not personalized or custom but good enough to offer better service. The reasonable price makes this unit more lucrative for the bike rider. For both tall and short people this seat is suitable to use.

? Pros:

  • Comes with brand new color
  • Made of quality material
  • Fantastic design
  • Able to protect tailbone from road impact
  • Affordable unit.

? Cons:

  • Finishing of this unit could be better

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4. TCMT Motorcycle Hammock Rider Passenger Seat

Some Motorcycle passenger seats come as a great deal to the people. TCMT Motorcycle Hammock Rider Passenger Seat is one of these. This model of the passenger seat is another good example of a good unit for the price. This seat is available in black color. Comparing other motorcycle passenger seats this unit is more lightweight.

The construction is good to make this unit beautiful and perfect for the ride. The frame is made of plastic which is the main reason for its lightweight. It offers comfort without any shock absorption facility. Buying this seat is not going to disappoint you. This is the right one for aesthetics at affordable prices.

Manufacturer Company used quality material to build this motorcycle Hammock rider passenger seat. For the long ride, this seat is suitable because it is larger than other passenger seats. It is wider and thicker than every rider expects from the seat. The outlook of this seat is great which also changes the overall look of your ride.

? Pros:

  • Comfortable design with quality material
  • Very much lightweight
  • Great dimension
  • Perfect for a long ride
  • Easy to install

? Cons:

  • No shock absorption facility

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5. Desert Rider Passenger Seat

This seat could be the next Christmas present for your ride. This must-have item comes with great features and better construction. This unit offers the most comfort for the user which is perfect for the long ride. Users can be very happy with this seat. The design is fantastic and looks great on your bike.

Maybe the price is a bit higher than other options but great to add an extra perk to your ride. It can impress the user. It is made of synthetic leather and foam. The combination of Iron and PP plastic makes the frame stronger to support for a long time.

This type of seat usually comes with an integrated suspension system as this unit does. This suspension is able to protect the passenger’s tailbone from various impacts on the road. It is a bit wider at the tank edge. The color combination of the leather makes this unit more lucrative and eye-catchy.

? Pros:

  • Comes with the great color combination
  • Comfortable unit for a long ride
  • Quality construction
  • Perfect for the taller user
  • Integrated with suspension

? Cons:

  • Not suitable for short people

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Things To Look On A Comfortable Harley Touring Seat

Before you buy a Harley touring seat, find out the reason for changing it. It will open the way to choose the best touring seat for your motorcycle. There are a few important factors you should consider before buying it.

Touring seat for Harley Davidson has some mutual characteristics. All the seats use the stock bolt pattern. From the seat design to the material, everything you need to consider. Let’s discuss more all these factors.

Quality of Material

Some people compromise with quality to get the cheap touring seat. Remember, quality is everything. Some manufacturing companies use plastic to make the base of the touring seat. It can turn out to degrade quickly. Less quality material can drag you in a discomfort situation, especially when you are riding long distances.

There are various types of material used for the seat cover. Vinyl, polyester, polyurethane, and leather are the most common materials for the touring seat. Maybe it’s a bit pricey but ensures the durability because of the quality material.

Most people love vinyl because of its resemblance to leather. It is much cheaper than leather. You also need to ensure the water-resistance facility of the seat. The seat cover has to play a vital role when rainfall.


A buyer must ensure the comfort level of the touring seat before buying. Uncomfortable seats can make your butt and back hurt, especially in the harsh road. No one wants to make their journey on the road painful. The main reason for this type of pain is a low-quality cushion which messes up midway.

Most of the manufacturing company doesn’t focus on the comfort for building a touring seat, especially for the stock seat. But some touring seats offer more comfort. There is no way to compromise with the seat for your comfort zone. Buy a unit of that which offer great comfort


Buying a typical touring seat is not a good decision for the buyer.  Some of the stock seats are not convenient for your riding style. Touring seat is designed to offer better comfort. For that, the dimension of your touring seat plays a vital role. Usually, the driver’s seat is much wider than the passenger seat.

If this dimension suits your riding style, then consider this dimension when buying this type of seat. Another important thing is the lower portion. This seat must be lower than the stock seat. It ensures the rider gets off the bike easily.

Armrests and Back Rests

Most of the time touring seems tiring. Even it causes fatigue to your back. So, as a rider, you may need to rest along the way. When you are riding to your destination, the backrest can offer you an option to take some rest for a while. This is another name of comfort. This benefit is added to the rider to make sure you have the backrest.

Touring seat is great for the backrest. Some models of the touring seat come with the adjustable backrest. Even it can be removed or folded. You can easily install it if it comes with base frames. To make the touring experience much better, the backrest is available for both diver and the passenger. Don’t forget to check the armrest for the passenger.


If I order a leather seat, does it mean the entire seat is made of leather?

Answer: If you are buying a touring seat of leather that means most of the part of this seat comes in contact with it. Most of the pressure of your body is distributed between the seat and backrest. This is the main reason; leather is used for making most to cover most of the part of the touring seat.

Some manufacturing companies use vinyl to keep the saddle tight and not stretched. This method of using vinyl can keep your seat needs for a long period of time.

Which is a better material, gel cushions, or foam?

Answer: Most of the people are confused to get the right choice between the cushion and gel. The gel is a better option if you don’t want a material that gets compressed easily. The gel doesn’t compress even if you push firmly on it.

Gel easily displaces, but the foam doesn’t. It is able to absorb shock, but not the same way foam does. To absorb very high-pressure, the gel is the first choice for most of the manufacturing companies. It’s comfortable and can support all day as you need. On the other hand, high-quality foam is the default choice.

What is the good and bad side of various cover materials?

Answer: Using different materials for the cover means it has different good and bad sides. The most popular material for the cover of the touring seat is vinyl. It comes with a water-resistance facility along with the durability. It traps heat to your body which is considered the only drawback of this material.

For the long-distance rider, leather is the best material for the seat. This natural material is good for breathing well into your body. This long-lasting material has weather resistance capability.