Best Led Headlights For Harley Davidson [Reviews In 2022]

While you’re an enthusiast rider, you know the importance of choosing a quality headlight for your Harley Davidson. Headlights have been always the most supportive component for your biking performance at night. It’s not easy and enjoyable to ride motorbikes at night with lower lights on the street.

Over usage of days, your Harley Davidson headlights might stop providing you the intense flashes that you need to co-operate with your Motorcycle riding. So, all you need is to get the best led headlights for Harley Davidson motorcycles!

Following simple mechanic customization, you can easily install them in your motorcycle. And you’re all set to experience a delightful night riding!

What Are The Best Led Headlights For Harley Davidson?

If you’re in a hurry then see this quick list of 6 best led headlights for Harley Davidson:

  1. Motorcycle 7″ LED Headlight with Halo– Best For Harley Davidson Road
  2. 7″ LED Headlight – Best Projector LED Light Bulb For Harley Davidson Motorcycle
  3. Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 inches LED Headlight– Best Compatible with Harley Davidson
  4. 7 inches LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights – Best Headlamp Ring For Harley Touring
  5. TURBO SII 7″ LED Headlight with DRL– Best For Harley Street Glide
  6. Funlove Projector Dual LED– Best Affordable Headlight For Visibility

So, have you been searching for the best Harley led headlight bulb? Well, that’s the reason you’re staying with us, right?

However, let’s dig into the depth of our today’s reviews for letting you choose the best one!

1. Motorcycle 7″ LED Headlight with Halo– Best For Harley Davidson Road

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The best peak about this Motorcycle headlight is that it’s a multi-fit bulb for Davidson motorcycles. From the Electra glide to Fatboy switchback, this is the best night headlight for all.

Whether you can afford to go to a nearby workshop to install it or not, there is no such hassle. You can easily install it without making any mess. It comes with very easy and superior installation.

All you need is to give your 20 minutes to install it. There is no need for getting an extra decoder. Else, you won’t even have to get any 3-prong plug adapter. You are getting H4, H13 adapter as well as dual headlight wire. So, money and time all are in a saving mode.

If you want no compromise with the lighting power, this is the one. It offers the most powerful brightness. Else, the focused dots are also available in it that assure you the safety on a long drive at night.

The lens is not harmful. Luckily, they don’t cause reflections to your eyes. So, you will hardly get any eye-strain.

The noticeable point is you won’t see it turning into yellowish or reddish over time. The all-time crystal-clear view is the satisfaction probably you have been looking for in it.

? Pros:

  • You can easily install it by yourself at home.
  • The design is durable and user-friendly.
  • The all-weather supporting waterproof lens that can handle rainy and foggy days.
  • Beam pattern is wide and enough flexibility for the rider’s safety.
  • Ensures brightest bulb performance without causing any strain.

? Cons:

  • Reattaching the trim ring may cause you some trouble.

2. 7″ LED Headlight – Best Projector LED Light Bulb For Harley Davidson Motorcycle

Available On AmazonThis is a well-fitted headlight bulb for Harley Davidson motorcycle. These 7-inch universal LED bulbs that can fit any of your favorite motorbikes like Land Rover, Softail, royal star, Yamaha star, and many more. So, if your motorcycle’s headlights are 7 inches, these headlights are an affordable option ever available.

It’s a legal headlight model by US dot approval. So, there is nothing to be get worried about the legal issues that cause many riders a lot of headaches by traffic police.

The color temperature is 6000k-6500k which can offer you an excellent brightest but eye-soothing light. Else, there are available beam flexibilities. You can enjoy low, medium, and high beams on the road depending on your requirement.

Well, this headlight needs a very simple installation using plug and play along with the H4 and H13 adapter. Else, the LED canbus adapter makes the installation very smooth. As you are getting all these adapters in the box, you don’t even need to pay for any extra money for adjusting these headlight bulbs into your motorbikes.

The most amazing part is that these headlights are visible in the daytime even. Though the manufacturer suggests using ring mounting but it’s not necessary.

The brightness level on the dark roads is outstanding. You won’t have any complaint to have a perfect view of the back and forth while you’re driving on the highway at midnight.

? Pros:

  • The aluminum heat sink makes the bulbs durable for any rough driving situation.
  • Along with the canbus adapter, you will also get a round adapter.
  • The complete white view gives you a clear vision.
  • Installation is easier to do at home by yourself.
  • It consumes very little voltage.

? Cons:

  • Don’t allow you to view more than 10 feet distance.

3. Wisamic 5-3/4 5.75 inches LED Headlight– Best Compatible with Harley Davidson

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Is your headlight 5.75 inches? Well, you can get the Wisamic in this case. Whoever doesn’t have a 7-inch headlight can get it for them. Since it allows the simple plug and plays installation using the H4 adapter. You can save yourself from the extra hassle of paying some bucks as you don’t need to go to the workshop.

The color temperature is ideal for having a 6000-6500k resolution. Thus, it gives you the highest bright sensation on the darkest street even. These are indeed high-performance LED lights, why? Likewise, the manufacturer claim, these headlights are anti-vibration and anti-shock resistant.

If you ever drop the motorcycle accidentally or get hit by trees or any other vehicle, there is a high chance of breaking the headlights. But the lens of this headlight is protected through the aluminum housing. Else the casing is fully black which adds stylish vibrant to your bike.

The beams are available to make you afford to ride in every situation. From low to medium or high beam, you can get the clearest view always.

It’s compatible with some supersonic motorbikes like super glide, Dyna, wide glide, nightster, iron 883, and many which have 5.75-inch round headlights requirement.

? Pros:

  • Brightest headlight for any night rider to enjoy the dark appearance.
  • You will get the view from 40 feet even.
  • Quality is durable and sturdy.
  • The overall design is beautiful.
  • Compatible with all the 5.75 inch round bulbs.

? Cons:

  • If the weather is too heated, bulbs can produce fogs.

4. 7 inches LED Headlight Fog Passing Lights – Best Headlamp Ring For Harley Davidson Touring Road

Available On Amazon

Want something very cool and stylist headlight for your Harley Davidson? Well, this is the ultimate pick that you can select for your 7-inch round motorcycle bulb. It adds beauty and style to your motorbike’s outlook.

There is a built-in EMC function that stops flickering in the bulb. Else the light is UV-resistant. So, your eyes will be thankful to you as well as others.

Whether the days are sunny or rainy, there is no risk of getting malfunctions for the high waterproof resistivity. The riders won’t face any difficulty while they are riding on heavy rainy days.

The led color temperature is fair enough to offer a perfect bright combination in the darkness or under the sun. So, the 6000k to 6500k color temperature is the legit illumination creator.

It can cover all the of Harley Davidson bikes which have 7 inch round headlight. So, which model do you have? Is it compatible with your Davidson bike?

The installation is just nothing but a plug and plays an easier setup. Since the installation manual comes with and you don’t need to rush to the mechanic for any mess. All you need is to follow the manual and install headlights to enjoy a great bike riding after evening time.

? Pros:

  • Durable construction and beautiful design.
  • Installation is easier.
  • All the essential comes within the box.
  • Dot safety is provided.
  • Flickering hardly occurs for EMC functionality.

? Cons:

  • It’s a bit pricey than other Davidson head bulbs.

5. TURBO SII 7″ LED Headlight with DRL– Best For Harley Street Glide

Available On Amazon

Are you still with us? Well, you might have not got your desired LED light yet, right? Well, this is a durable Harley Davidson headlight which can make your riding experience to the next level.

This is another 7-inch bike light which is considered to be the best headlight with DRL. The DRL is a unique feature that makes it different and special from other headlights on the road.

There is Hi-Lo Uv resistant protection. So, no difficulty will arise to look at anything. Else, the D-shaped projector lens is the peak feature in it. If you want the best illumination on your Harley Davidson bike, then this is the right one for you.

If your motorbike needs to get a 7-inch headlight, you can choose this without a second thought. The contrast level is great for having a reliable color temperature of 6000k –6500k.

The design is worthy of your money and time. If you see the design and construction together, the combination makes a great impact on the motorbike’s look too.

There is also IP67 waterproof flexibility. You can roam around the roads in any environment condition. Though the installation is out of nowhere hard, it comes with the H4 and H13 adapter in the box.

? Pros:

  • The construction is of die-cast aluminum alloy.
  • Fits to multiple Davidson motorcycles which have 7” round headlight spot.
  • Installation needs not more than 20 minutes.
  • The scratch-resistant lens stays newer for longer.
  • 50% brighter than other LEDs.

? Cons:

  • The 3000 lifespan isn’t eligible to get while there are most of the headlight bulbs have 5000 hours of lifespan.

6. Funlove Projector Dual LED– Best Affordable Headlight For Visibility

Available On Amazon

This is the best road glide LED headlight for Harley Davidson. If you want to get rid of the darkness in the nighttime riding, then you should get this.

Comparing to its features and specifications, this is affordable. The DC voltage ranging 12-30V allows the perfect color temperature. It also gives you an eye-soothing contrast that doesn’t become heated over the longer time of activity.

This headlamp has dust protection. Well, dust protection is hard can be found in any other random motorbike’s headlight. Most of the headlights get a stroke of dust which is annoying. It gives you blurry brightness sometimes. But this one will keep you safe from the dust or rust anyway.

Whether you want a low beam or high beam, you can enjoy both of them with this Funlove projector dual bulbs.

It’s super easy to install without using any tool. The whole headlight set if made of halogen. They are easy to replace and install in any stock.

Who doesn’t like the wide range of bright views on the road at night? Well, this allows a wide range of brightest enthusiasm views on the dark side.

The appearance is beautiful as well as sturdy. You can feel the strength of the outside casing is durable. Else, the casing is also waterproof.

? Pros:

  • These headlights have DOT approval in the US.
  • A motorcyclist can easily attach them on the bike.
  • Design is attractive and beautiful.
  • Durable design with a waterproof feature.
  • Extended 5000 hours lifespan.

? Cons:

  • Too pricey comparing to its features and flexibilities.

Considerations On Buying Best Led Headlight For Harley Davidson:

You can’t decide to buy a LED for your Harley Davidson overnight. You’ve to check out many essential factors to choose the best headlights for Davidson motorbikes.

Well, you already know from our best-LED headlight from Harley Davidson reviews from the above that these headlights are not similar in designs, styles, and features. So, what makes the difference from each other?

We are going to discuss the depth of the buyer’s guide for you. So, you can choose the best one for you.


Lumen is the ultimate number of lights that a LED can provide. The higher number of lumens indicate the power of the brightness. The more the lumens, the more it implies on the brightness power.

Though your chosen LED has a higher number of lumen capacity, still it won’t perform brighter than the HID light. HID lights are run by xenon gas. This gas provides the highest peak of the brightness.

So, the choice is yours!

Color Temperature:

The color temperature is the sole feature of any Davidson headlight. This feature impacts on the bulb’s illumination. If you want a strong illumination along with the perfect contrast, then you should always consider the applicable color temperature.

You always should make sure that the color temperature range is not less than 5000k. Thus, it can help you to get the right brightest view from your distance.


For riding your bike amid downpours, you always should know the importance of waterproof resistance. Many riders don’t care about the waterproof resistance. But in the long run, we all need it.

Harley Davidson motorcycles are the best pick for any bike freak. But what makes it better is the rust, dust, and waterproof casing! Do your led headlights have the resistance for preventing dust and rain? Well, you should always check for the high-class resistance.

Anti-Flicker Adapter:

Flickering occurring in the Harley Davidson in the midnight is not less than a nightmare. You love riding at night with speed, right? Well, that’s good until you don’t face with flickering issues.

So, you must choose Harley Davidson headlights that come with an anti-flicker adapter. It will save your money from buying an additional adapter.

Durable Casing:

You always should consider a durable casing. There is no sacrifice that you should consider with the outer shell. You can easily determine the durability of the materials that have been used for constructing the casing.

The best material you can prefer is aluminum. Aluminum is comparatively durable and authentic to ensure you the flexibility.

Power Usage:

Since LED lights always consume less power. So, you can stay a bit out of concern from power usage. But low power usage sometimes leads the lights to lighten less power. So, you should take at least 30 watts of power supply for the brightest sensation with less power consumption.

So, these were some legit points that you should never skip while choosing headlight for Harley Davidson motorbikes.

Final Words:

We are at the end of our best LED headlight for Harley Davidson reviews!

So, did you choose the best led for your motorcycle? If you couldn’t select any, then you should consider the requirements that you’re longing for.

Make sure you’re choosing a headlight that can fulfill all of your demands but within your budget. Else, while you get your desired one spending less than your budget, you shouldn’t be panicked. There are many headlights available which are affordable but come with extreme advantages and features.