5 Best & Loudest exhaust for Milwaukee 8 [Reviews In 2022]

The best part of having Harley Davidson Milwaukee 8 models is to modify according to your taste to make yourself stand out in the crowd. And what would be better other than the aftermarket exhaust pipes that compel everyone to turn their heads!

It also accentuates the appearances. But a wrong purchase can hamper your engine’s performance. 

In contrast, the right exhaust won’t be annoying. It will just give a nice rumble at idle and grin-inducing growl when you accelerate. 

Today, I have narrowed down 5 loudest exhausts for Milwaukee 8 with buying guide. Scroll down to know more and thank me later! 

Just in case if you’re in a hurry….

Just check these two best models from my review unit. You won’t regret it later.

Top Pick Runner-up
Vance and Hines 16672 Twin Slash Round 4in. Super loud yet nice deep tone sound4” diameterDistinctive twin slash end treatment Full coverage heat shield Goes with the 2017 and 2018 models.  Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ AffordableOffers proper back pressure4.5” diameterSimple to install

5 Best & Loudest exhaust for Milwaukee 8: Reviewed

Whether you are looking for a slip-on muffler or full exhaust option, you can find a suitable model in this review. Without further ado, let’s get started. 

1. Vance and Hines 16672 Twin Slash Round 4in.

Give your Milwaukee 8 the sound and performance it deserves! And it is no brainer that you can’t go wrong with Vines and Hines when it comes to exhaust. When you are wondering for a super loud yet nice deep tone sound, I will recommend you to go for this. After I describe all of its traits, you would get my point! 

An excellent level of workmanship

These are not the cheapest pipes out there, but you will be amazed by the unmatched quality of the pipes. The manufacturers use the distinctive twin slash end treatment and full coverage heat shield for enhancing the performance.

Adds aesthetic factor

The bikers always want to add aggressive looks to their Harley. The stock M8 exhausts may look good, but this aftermarket slip-on muffler will definitely enhance the visual appeal. 

Easy to install

The installation is snap with no specialty tools needed. A very basic mechanical knowledge will be enough to install it. After installing this 4” round chrome muffler, you will know the difference between the stock and this one. However, this one only goes with the 2017 and 2018 models. 

? Pros:

  • Deep throaty sound without being obnoxious 
  • Ensures durability 
  • No fuel tuning required 
  • Easy to install
  • Enhances the visual appearance 

? Cons:

  • Only compatible with the 2017 and 2018 models.


If you want to unleash the sound of the beast Milwaukee 8, try this slip-on muffler. It is a true upgrade from the stock. The 4” chrome design with full coverage heat shield and twin slash end treatment has made it our top pick. It will bring the old-school exhaust note back to your M8. You can also check the quiet insert available for this model. 

2. Cobra Neighbor Haters Chrome 4.5″ Mufflers Exhaust

While looking for the best-sounded pipes for M8, I have found this Cobra Neighbor Haters 4.5” slip-on muffler, which ensures affordability, good growl, and durability. It takes the second place as it is not that suitable for long trips and the sound is not as deep as our top pick. 

The exact length 

We know that the exhaust design is a science and its length determines the control backpressure. If the pipe is too small, it will limit the ability of the exhaust to escape. So, if the back pressure is too high, the power of the engine and exhaust flow will be limited. So, this 4.5” pipe allows higher flow which is excellent for high RPMs. 

Pro Tip: When you have the fuel injection, the aftermarket exhaust won’t be an issue for the proper airflow as the fuel injection system can compensate.

Great sound

While it improves the horsepower and torque than the stock one, the main attraction of buying this model is its superior sound without breaking your bank. You can get a V-twin soundtrack for the perforated core, which exits in a trumpet bell shape. 

A Tip: You may take the baffles out to get the loudest sound.

Worth the money

You will be amazed to see the price tag. It really accentuates the looks of your bike. It delivers top performance as well as style features within your budget range. Above all, its lifetime warranty is a cherry on top. 

? Pros:

  • Won’t need a tuner
  • Simple to install
  • Affordable
  • Nice addition to your M8

? Cons:

  • Not for long trips.


The Milwaukee 8 owners who are searching for something less expensive without compromising the sound, this is the one to go for. 

3. 500-0182 Rinehart Racing DBX40 4″

This is another leading option for you if you want the people around you to turn their heads when you ride around. This one offers the sound and performance that you were looking for! 

Great looks and sounds

When you are among the Harley enthusiasts, you will want to modify your stock exhaust for the deep rumble sound. And this one is the go-to product for the fantastic upgrade in sound. Its 4” muffler body with famous end caps offers a bigger and more giant looks. However, it doesn’t go with the Tri-Glides or Freewheelers. 

Pro Tip: After the installation of an aftermarket exhaust, you may need to re-jet or re-map the engines’ fuel system.

Specially engineered baffles

Though baffles are for reducing the noise, this one with DBX performance baffle can increase the sound to a great level. It also ensures a perfect amount of back pressure with great torque and horsepower. 

Easy installation

A clear and concise guide is there to help you with installation. You will be done with the installation within no time. Overall, American manufacturers have shown their skills through this pipe. 

? Pros:

  • Great configuration with end caps
  • Upgrade the sound 
  • Offers the right amount of backpressure

? Cons:

  • Slightly expensive


The leading innovator in the V-twin exhaust – Rinehart, offers great slip-on pipes with amazing end caps. You will get deep growls. This one goes will all the M8 models. 

4. SHARKROAD “No Baffle Inside” Super Loud Version

In case you still don’t want to go for an entire exhaust system, I have got another option for you. The SHARKROAD super loud version slip-on muffler will ensure that you fall in love with it. Let me tell you why!

Sound quality 

First off, this 4.5” pipe creates a rumbling sound that will make you stand out in the crowd. The no-baffle feature makes the sound louder. 

Great design

With great sound, you will also get good looks. The heat-resistant black powder coating with 16G cold rolled steel ensures durability. However, for the internal moisture of the gases, the interior may get rusty. The end caps add to the appearance. Additionally, the three-step structure ensures better performance than the stock baffled ones. 

Quick and easy

If you have the stock headers, you will need only a few minutes for installation as there has properly sized inlets for assembly. However, it doesn’t go with the tri-glides. 

? Pros:

  • Offers loud sound
  • Faster flow for the three-step structure 
  • Fits properly with your stock headers of M8. 
  • Easy to install

? Cons:

  • May caught rust on the inside


If you are superior sounds with no baffles, you should take this one home. The installation also takes less time than others. 

5. Bagger Brothers BB-FE2001-CHR-Cronus-CH-V2 v2

Seeing the slip-on mufflers, you may be thinking of why not go for the entire exhaust system. There will be a noticeable change in terms of performance if you go for a full exhaust or, more specifically 2 into 1 system. And when you are getting puzzled about which one will be the best for your M8, look non-other than the Bagger Brothers BB-FE2001-CHR-Cronus-CH-V2-v2. 

Great power delivery 

Here, the two exhaust pipes get combined and emit gases through single muffler and increase the power delivery. It can outperform the true duals at low RPMs. However, the 2-into-2 exhaust is suitable for the top end. And you can get the roaring sound that could catch the attention of people around you. 

A Tip: If you are more of a Harley potato-potato fan, you can choose a 2-into-2 exhaust system.


The fact I like about this 2 into 1 exhaust it is quite lightweight, which reduces the bike weight. However, if you are up for a balanced look, the true duals should be your choice. 

Balanced airflow 

While the slip-on mufflers may not increase the torque to a great extent, a full exhaust can do better by scavenging. Here, when the first cylinder shoots an exhaust, it pulls the oxygen into the second cylinder. And vice-versa for the second cylinder and the cycle goes on. Thus, it creates a proper airflow which ensures smoother idle and more torque. 

? Pros:

  • Offers better scavenging 
  • Quite loud at lower RPMs
  • Lighter than true duals.

? Cons:

  • Doesn’t offer great performance at higher rpms.


If you want to go for the best one for the scavenging phenomenon with lightweight configuration, this Bagger Brothers exhaust is an ideal option. It offers a roaring sound at the lower ends. 

How Did I Pick?

There are lots of Harley-compatible exhausts on Amazon with lots of good ratings. However, all are not fitted for specific Milwaukee 8 models. So, I had to go through their description and filter out only the compatible ones.

After that, I looked for a sound that will not be obnoxious. I also considered the design, build material, and user rating of the short-listed products. In the end, there were 5 models that I thought were worth recommending to you. Read my full review below, and you would find a suitable one that will go with your M8.

How to Choose the Loudest exhaust for Milwaukee 8?

Check out the following factors to purchase the correct exhaust for a deep rumbling sound –


There are two types of exhaust that you can purchase. You can either choose a slip-on exhaust or a full system exhaust. 

Slip-On: Slip-on exhausts only replace the muffler. They come at a lower price and easy to install. They’ll improve the exhaust sound but not the bike’s performance. If you have a budget issue and all you want is an aggressive sound, go for this. 

Full System: A full system exhaust includes everything: header, mid-pipe, and muffler. The installation process is also complicated as you’ll have to replace the engine block, fuel tank, and other components. As a result, you’ll get an improved sound along with a boost in the bike’s performance. So purchase it if you are willing to spend extra bucks. 


After that, you need to consider the compatibility of the exhaust. Since Milwaukee 8 engines are available from the 2017 Harley Davidson models, your exhaust should be compatible with these models. Though the products I have mentioned all go with Milwaukee 8, you should keep this factor in mind while choosing a model not reviewed in this article.


The body material of the exhaust is an important factor to consider. Carbon fiber and titanium are the most popular materials now as they’re lightweight and durable. If you want a lightweight material at a budget-friendly cost, stainless steel or aluminum can be the choice. Chrome steel serves more of an aesthetic value. Remember, a better material means a premium price. 

Exhaust Configuration

You should know the configuration of the exhaust before purchasing. There are single exhaust, dual exhaust, or true dual exhaust systems. The dual exhaust will be louder than single ones. You can consider buying a 2 in 1 exhaust as this system is much lightweight and suits most of the engines. So figure out which configuration you want to have. 


Try to buy from reputed brands as they provide warranty and ensure quality. Vance And Hines, SharkRoad, Cobra Neighbor Haters, Rinehart Racing are some of the best brands you can buy from. 

Additional Features

Some additional features like heat shielding for leg protection will make the ride safer. Consider if the exhaust is looking good with your bike’s structure. Again, it’s completely up to you how loud you want the sound to be. So listen to the sound of different exhausts and choose the best one that suits you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an exhaust system?

An exhaust system is for removing the exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside an engine. This system includes one or more exhaust pipes. 

What are mufflers?

Mufflers are used within the exhaust system of most internal combustion engines. It is a device for reducing the noise emitted by the exhaust.

What is a slip-on muffler?

The slip-on mufflers will simply be “slipped-on” in place of the stock muffler. This is a cheap alternative for those who want that rumbling sound without changing the whole exhaust system.

Final Words

Harley’s Milwaukee-8 engine offers a much powerful and smoother performance. However, the upgrade most of the riders would love to make is changing out the exhaust. Though removing the baffles from the exhaust can make your bike louder, sometimes it can result in an obnoxiously loud sound.

A good aftermarket exhaust can be the best solution for this. It’ll give your bike a loud but much more pleasing sound and will boost the performance. 

The tiebreaker feature between top pick and runner up is the budget. And when you have budget constraints, you have to compromise some exclusive features. Let me know in the comment section which one is your best loudest exhaust for Milwaukee 8.