Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust for Harley Softail [Top 5 Picks]

While regular exhausts just do fine by blowing out the hot air behind the bike, many prefer a 2-into 1 exhaust design for their aggressive design and pleasing sound.

Not only visual and sound, but the enhanced performance of a 2 into 1 exhaust is also noticeable across the powerband of your Harley Softail. It attracts many builders who would love to add this to their builds to run faster. The power capabilities, great sound, and look of your bike with the set of exhaust pipes should make you regret driving without them for so long.

Well, if you’re finally interested to provide your bike the best exhaust pipes and looking for the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Softail, you’re just at the right place. Stay with me to get the perfect pipe for your bike.  

Let’s have a quick glance at my top picked products:

1. Vance & Hines Pro – Best Overall

  • Broad torque curve
  • Large and efficient merge collector
  • 4.5-inch stepped megaphone
  • Features a CNC-machined chrome-plated billet end cap
  • Produces rich and vibrant sound with a large megaphone
  • Available in Chrome or black

2. Rinehart Racing – Runner-up

  • 4-inch slip-on mufflers
  • For 2017 Harley-Davidson touring models
  • Venturi chamber baffle maximizes the performance
  • Available in chrome with chrome or black mufflers with black or chrome end caps
  • compatible with most OEM headers, heat shields
  • Made in the USA

3. Cobra Power Pro – Best Budget

  • 3.5-inch muffler body
  • 3.5-inch chromed aluminum billet tip
  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Comes with a 222 degree 2-into-1 shield system
  • Includes removable baffle to can the sound
  • Affordable and easy to mounting and assembly

4. Covingtons True Dual 2:1 – Most Stylish Exhaust

  • Megaphone collector with turn-out end and 2¼inch dia. removable baffle
  • Full-coverage heat shields with Covington-style holes
  • Oxygen sensor port plugs included for pre-07 models
  • The right-side passenger peg is eliminated
  • Made in the USA

5. Vance & Hines Chrome Pipe – Efficient Merge Collector

  • Includes tuned length stepped headers with an efficient merge collector
  • Features stepped megaphone design
  • Features a CNC machined chrome plated billet end-cap
  • Made in the USA
  • Not for Softail models with heritage-style saddlebags

Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust for Harley Softail: A Detailed Review

2 into 1 exhaust pipes are more commonly used on smaller and sporty bikes. Because of the high demand, you’ll find a number of pipes available on the market. However, you only need to purchase the one which is compatible with your model and meets your desired performance.

Here’s a detailed review of the products on my list that offer distinctive sound, performance, and aesthetics.

1. Vance & Hines Pro – Best Overall

Vance & Hines is one of the most prominent exhaust manufacturers, no wonder you’ll find more than one V&H product on my list. The Vance & Hines Pro is compatible with Harley Softail 2018 and newer models which can transform your motorcycle into a masterpiece of style, performance, and sound.

Improved Performance

The best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley bagger uses a stepped header and a large highly efficient merge collector in order to improve the performance which results in high responsiveness and power.  

Rich & Vibrant Sound

The stepped headers with the collector feed into a 4.5-inch large stepped megaphone which helps to produce a very pleasant sound. However, if you want it to be less noisy, there’s an additional Vance & Hines Competition Baffle for Pro Pipe to keep you satisfied.

Heat Shield

The pro exhaust pipe comes with a complete header and collector heat shields so that you stay comfortable. Also, there’s a shield available over the first step of the large megaphone. The heat shields act as barriers and heat sinks that prevent the heat to reach out to any components under the hood to cause damage.

Note: Vance & Hines Pro 2 into 1 exhaust pipe is illegal to use on the streets of California on any pollution-controlled motor vehicles.

? Pros:

  • Broad torque increase
  • Lightweight
  • Includes 18mm O2 sensor ports
  • Features a CNC-machined chrome-plated billet end cap
  • Additional quite baffle is available

? Cons:

  • There’s a little possibility of discoloration


Many may find the V&H pro pipe expensive but certainly, you’ll be impressed with the sound and noticeable performance improvement.

Here’s a Harley 2 into 1 exhaust shootout that shows how you can install it to your bagger.

2. Rinehart Racing – Runner-up

The Rinehart Racing’s 2 into 1 exhaust system is designed for the 2017 Harley Davidson touring models that offers unparalleled performance, sound, and style. Its stepped header technology efficiently scavenges exhaust allowing the engine to operate at its peak performance.  

More Horsepower & Torque

Featuring the uniquely designed Venturi chamber baffle which is engineered specially to enhance the sound of the Harley engine. By providing a free-flowing exhaust and the perfect amount of back pressure, the pipe provides strong low-end torque without sacrificing the highest horsepower.


The exhaust pipe is pretty stylish as well. The aesthetics start with the partial megaphone and partial straight muffler structure. Additionally, the laser-cut heat shields and collector heat shield complements the look.

The Rinehart Racing 2 into-1 exhaust Softail is available in chrome or black with chrome or black standard end caps so that your bagger stands out even in a crowd.


The chrome slip-ons are compatible with the most OEM headers, heat shields, and aftermarket true dual exhaust systems giving you an upper hand over the others. Also, the 12mm and 18mm Oxygen ports are placed for quick and easy dyno tuning which eliminates the need for bung adapters.

? Pros:

  • Advanced muffler and baffle design for improved HP
  • Available in a variety of finish and end caps
  • Easy to install
  • Provides optimum sound

? Cons:

  • Not recommended if you look for a too loud pipe


Rinehart Racing’s 2 into 1 exhaust system is a real performance booster and complements your bike greatly. If the V&H Pro seems expensive to you, this is the perfect alternative to choose.

3. Cobra Power Pro – Best Budget

Cobra Power Pro is a classic performance 2 into 1 exhaust system which truly delivers a performance boost to the models of 1993 to 2017. It helps to improve the power and torque of your vehicle with a full-length collector heat shield coverage.

More Sound

The Cobra Power Pro is at the top of the class in case of producing a deep rolling sound that you’ll never get out of a stock exhaust.

Great Visual

The Softail Slim 2 into 1 exhaust system looks just as good as it roars with its 222° heat shields. The chromed 3.5″ muffler body with a delicately machined chromed billet tip provides a gorgeous look to any Harley Davidson.

Internal Cooling Technology

Cobra Pro comes with its unique internal cooling system and the manufacturer guarantees that the muffler body and pipes aren’t going to turn blue for the entire lifetime of the kit. So, you don’t have to worry about the depreciating aesthetics of the exhaust system and the ride anymore.

? Pros:

  • Includes a 222 degree 2-into-1 shield system
  • Removable baffle helps to adjust the sound
  • Double-insulated body
  • Internal cooling system

? Cons:

  • It may require changing the air-fuel mixture ratio of the bike


Cobra Power Pro is an excellent 2-into 1 exhaust system for the Harley Softail s. It’s well insulated and looks great. The performance is also top of the class.

4. Covingtons True Dual 2:1 – Most Stylish Exhaust

Jerry Covington is widely popular for custom-built bikes in the world of bikes for years. The accessories are truly stylish, elegant, and performance boosters. Covington True Dual 2:1 Exhaust Black for Harley Softail FXD FXR is just another masterpiece from the manufacturer which has gained the tag of the most stylish exhausts.


The Covington True Dual 2:1 Exhaust pipes are designed to improve engine efficiency to deliver more power when you ride. It is built with oxygen sensor ports and plugs that are included for the pre-07 models. The pipe fits ’86 – UP Softail s.

Performance with Style

The stylish Harley Heritage Softail 2 into 1 exhaust pipes look great with Covington style holed full coverage heat shield that reveals the chrome layer underneath. The system also comes with a large chrome megaphone collector with a 3½’’ turn-out end. The removable and serviceable baffle helps to customize the sound level.

? Pros:

  • Oxygen sensor ports and plugs for pre ’07 models
  • Serviceable and removable baffle
  • Stylish and elegant look
  • Full coverage heat shields with signature holes

? Cons:

  • Discoloration (bluing) with time


You must’ve desired to make your ride appealing so that it stands out amongst the thousands. If you do, Covington True Dual 2:1 Exhaust system will be the best buy for you without question. The pipes are capable to enhance the look and performance of your bike at the same time.

5. Vance & Hines Pro Chrome Pipe – Efficient Merge Collector

Vance & Hines Pro pipe exhaust system is another highly efficient 2-in-1 exhaust for the Harley Softail s. The pipe with its highly efficient merge collector delivers you great power and performance which is really appreciating.

Efficient Merge Collector

The V&H Pro 2-into-1 pipe includes adjustable length stepped headers from 1-3/4” to 1-7/8” with a highly efficient merge collector. The collector feeds into the stepped 4½” megaphone design to maintain the perfect balance of exhaust back pressure, delivering crisp throttle response and maximum roll-on power.

Heat Shields

The pro pipe features complete heat shields over the header and collector to keep the system run cool. Also, it has a shield over the first step of the megaphone for more convenience. The Pro Pipe Chrome also features a CNC machined chrome plated billet endcap which not only adds aesthetics but also increases efficiency.

? Pros:

  • Large and efficient merge collector
  • Includes 18mm O2 sensor ports and plugs
  • Quite baffle” and “competition baffle” are available (sold separately)
  • Lightweight

? Cons:

  • Few spots of the surface are rough


Vance & Hines Pro Pipe is designed to deliver enhanced efficiency aka more horsepower and torque. The heat shields allow the components to run smoothly. You can control the noise level. It’s definitely a great product to have.   

How to Choose the Best 2 Into 1 Exhaust For Harley Softail?

After buying a Harley Davidson, most people look for some upgrades to meet a certain standard. Tires, saddles, wheels, and exhausts are the most common areas to upgrade.

However, exhaust up-gradation is the most popular one as it improves the bagger’s power significantly. But, it’s not so easy to find out the best one for your Softail. Rather, you need to consider a few factors for the best buy. Here’s some of those:


See, 2 into-1 exhausts cost a lot of money. So, you need to make sure the model you’re buying is compatible with your ride. Otherwise, you may still be able to return it to the manufacturer, but it’ll waste both of your money and time.

Sound & Performance

The most common causes to upgrade exhaust pipes are to improve performance and sound. You just can’t ignore those before buying a specific product. Do a lot of research before buying a pipe whether it’ll be able to provide the premium sound you want from the bike or not. Also, you can get the performance review from the internet and real purchasers from the Amazon page.

As these are the most important features of an exhaust pipe, make sure you get your desired expectation from the pipe.

Installation Hardware

Here’s the truth. Not all exhaust pipes come with similar installation hardware. While some of them come with heat shields, screws, others only carry the 2 into 1 exhaust pipe.

Carrying the installation hardware isn’t a very important feature an exhaust should have but it helps you to determine which one to buy considering it’s an advantage. After all, it keeps you stress-free from searching for required hardware that is compatible with the pipe.

If you find a Harley Softail 2 into 1 exhaust as a real performance booster, you can go for it even if it doesn’t carry the installation hardware.


The Harley Softail 2 into 1 exhaust pipes are recognized to be lightweight. In fact, it makes you feel a lot lighter while riding. Make sure to buy a lightweight pipe for your bagger so that you can shed a couple of pounds off the bike.

I recommend going for the pipes made of lighter materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber. They usually perform the best at lower RPMs where most builders notice an improvement of the performance.


When you buy an exhaust pipe for a few hundred bucks, you want it to last long, right? Longevity is an important feature to look at. You’ll get the idea from the warranty periods different manufacturers provide. Also, you should confirm the materials used for the pipe are proven to last long.


Style is one of the reasons to upgrade the bike. So, buy a 2:1 exhaust for Softail which complements the overall look of your ride. The finishing of the exterior should be shinny and appealing so that it beautifies the look of your premium ride.

Final Words

So, the Harley Softail 2 into 1 exhaust review ends here. There’re lots of products available and I tried to bring out the best of those. I hope you find the best 2 into 1 exhaust for Harley Softail from the list.

However, make sure the pipe you intend to buy is legal on the streets of your locality. The legal issues are present because of the loud sound that the pipes produce. So, stay aware of that before purchasing. Finally, don’t go for the cheap exhausts showing appealing advertisements. Those are trash! Your premium bike deserves the best product which actually helps it to unlock its maximum power. You can keep your vehicle healthy by choosing any of the products from my list. Thank you and drive safe.