Best High Flow Air Filter For Harley Davidson In 2022

Even though the conventional air cleaners are capable to give you a smooth riding experience, the high flow air filters take that to a whole new level. If you are tired of trying different air cleaners for your Harley, it’s time to look for a high flow air filter.

Well, as the name goes, an air filter filters the polluted air that goes into the engine to boost torque and power eventually. When a cleaner is clogged, it greatly impacts the overall performance of the engine. Conventional purifiers get clogged frequently and easily which is troublesome.

However, to keep you worry-free, I bring some of the best high flow air filter for Harley Davidson that don’t need to be cleaned or changed frequently. So, let’s begin.

Before you start reading, have a quick look at my recommended high flow air filters for Harley Davidson:  

1. Screamin’ Eagle High-Flo K&N Replacement Air Filter

  • For high-flow-touring
  • Provide excellent filtration
  • Washable and reusable
  • Designed as direct replacements for specified fitments

2. K&N Engine Air Filter

  • Fits 2017-2019 Harley Davidson models
  • Material: paper
  • Offers an excellent filtration for high airflow
  • Washable & reusable, pre-oiled, and ready to ride!

3. Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Cleaner

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Includes a high-flow washable filter element, larger inlet backing plate
  • Billet venturi lets more air in the motor for more power
  • Must use Vance & Hines VO2 air filter cover
  • Made in the USA

4. K&N Engine Air Filter

  • Material: Cotton Gauze
  • Fits 1999-2015 Harley Davidson models
  • Increases horsepower and torque
  • Washable & reusable, pre-oiled
  • Multiple layers of woven cotton gauze for better filtration

5. Kuryakyn 9361 Hypercharger

  • Material: Die-cast aluminum
  • Integrated servo motor for precise RPM-based butterfly engagement
  • Improved CFM rating with high flow K&N filter delivers 10% more airflow than previous models
  • New internal “stinger” design on the encap maximizes unrestricted airflow to the throttle body

Best High Flow Air Filter For Harley Davidson

1. Screamin’ Eagle High-Flo K&N: Best Overall

  • Material: Cotton Gauze
  • Vehicle type: Street/sports motorcycles
  • Weight: 12.4 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 6.5 x 6.7 inches

Screamin’ Eagle replacement air filter is well recognized for its performance amongst enthusiasts. The high-flow kit fits 2016 -2017 Softail and 2008 -2016 Touring and Trike models and is a direct replacement for P/N 29244-08.

More Horsepower and Acceleration

The high-flow Screamin Eagle Heavy Breather air cleaner kit is designed to have superior airflow which can be up to 50% more than the conventional air filters. This improved airflow helps to increase horsepower and acceleration. You will definitely feel the difference on the road while driving with the Screamin Eagle Heavy Breather Air Cleaner.

Improves Fuel Efficiency

The high level of airflow ensures quality combustions in the engine. So, while accelerating or maintaining high speeds, your bike doesn’t need to work much. So, the Screamin’ Eagle K&N air filter helps the bike to be more fuel-efficient.

Long Service Life

The Screamin’ Eagle high-flow air cleaner is designed to be used for several years. The filter is washable and reusable so that you can clean and use it again after completing certain mileage.

Not only that, Harley-Davidson Screamin’ eagle air filter kit lets you drive for more miles without getting it cleaned with the superior filtration process.

? Pros:

  • Provides superior filtration
  • Washable and reusable
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Direct replacement air filters for specific models

? Cons:

  • Didn’t like the finish of the Screamin’ Eagle that much

2. K&N HD-1717 Engine Air Filter: Runner-Up

  • Material: Paper
  • Vehicle type: Street/sports motorcycles
  • Weight: 9.3 ounces
  • Dimensions: 6.56 x 6.31 x 3.5 inches

K&N’s high-flow air filter can be an excellent option as a replacement for the stock air filter element. The kit fits specific models of 2017-2019 Harley Davidson. It is designed to provide low restriction and increased performance while providing excellent engine protection for your ride.

High Level of Airflow

The K&N high-flow air filter allows an increase of airflow up to 50% than stock air filter. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to purchase more horsepower and torque. Not to mention, the fuel efficiency improves as a result of better HP as well.

Ease of Installation

Even though the air cleaner’s primary material is paper, it is washable and reusable. It comes pre-oiled so that the filter is ready to get fit on your ride right out of the box. Moreover, the multiple layers of woven cotton gauze media provide excellent airflow.

Large Filtration Surface

The pleated media offers a large filtration surface that ensures long service intervals. It lets you drive more miles without cleaning or replacing the gear. After all, the high-quality product is manufactured in the USA for years and you’ll find friendly customer support available near to your locality.

To know more about the K&N engine air filter and for eligible purchases, see K&N Air Filters Review below.

? Pros:

  • 50% increased airflow improves performance
  • Easy installation
  • Large filtration area
  • Better mileage and throttle response

? Cons:

  • Tightening the screws might be tricky as many break plastics while doing this.

3. Vance & Hines VO2 Naked Air Cleaner: Best Value for Money

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Vehicle type: Street/sports motorcycles
  • Weight: 3.95 ounces
  • Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 7 inches

If you want an air filter that enhances the overall look of your Harley and improves its performance at the same time, Vance & Hines 96-19 Naked VO2 Air Intake Kit would be a perfect choice.

Quality Product

The Naked VO2 Air Intake is a direct bolt-on air purifier for the motorbike that attaches directly to the factory throttle body. The kit includes a washable high-flow filter element to increase the airflow that you get from a stock filter. It also comes with a large inlet backing plate and billet venturi to get more air in the motor for more power.

However, for the best performance, pair the kit with Vance & Hines FP3 FuelPak Fuel Management System and exhaust.

Great Customer Service

You don’t need to panic thinking about the quality and customer support thanks to the Naked VO2 Air Intake inhale Kit which is proudly made in the USA. The best stage 1 air cleaner for Harley Davidson also offers a very straightforward installation process.

See the Vance & Hines Naked Air Intake Kit for an eligible purchases.

Note: The Naked VO2 Air Intake is illegal on the streets of CA, USA. The Air Resources Board (ARB) doesn’t permit the use of aftermarket emission-related parts that modify the air/fuel ratio of an emission-controlled vehicle.

? Pros:

  • Combines brilliant look and optimal performance
  • Washable and reusable
  • Ease of installation
  • Lightweight

? Cons:

  • The instruction manual is confusing and troublesome

4. K&N HD-0910 Engine Air Filter: Best Budget

  • Material: Cotton Gauze
  • Air Filter Shape: Oval
  • Weight: 1.25 ounces
  • Dimensions: 10.1 x 10.3 x 3.9 inches

When you talk about high flow air filters, you can’t ignore the K&N air filters for their superior air filtration. The K&N HD-0910 Engine Air Filter is no exception to that which improves your bike’s performance by increasing additional airflow up to 50% than a stock filter.

Easy Installation

The HD-0910 fits on different models of the 2009-2017 Harley-Davidson Dyna models. Engineered to fit easily into your stock air cleaner or stock box, the entire installation can be completed in a matter of minutes! The parts are pre-oiled and all bolts are available just at the right place which makes it the best air cleaner for Harley 103.

Large Surface

Being an oval-shaped filter, this K&N replaceable filter can provide more surface area without getting too large. A large surface allows more air to pass into the engine resulting in more acceleration.

Better Throttle Response

As more air is filtered by the K&N high flow air filter element, it improves the horsepower significantly up to 7HP over the standard baffle and stock intake ones. This improved horsepower lets you have a performance exhaust and more pleasant noise while riding.

? Pros:

  • Lightweight, reusable, and washable
  • Improves throttle response
  • Large filtration area
  • Ease of installation

? Cons:

  • Decreases the mileage in the long run

5. Kuryakyn 9361 Hypercharger: Premium High Flow Air Filter

  • Material: Die-Cast Alum
  • Vehicle service type:Cruiser/Touring model
  • Weight: 5.35 ounces
  • Dimensions: 11.1 x 10.7 x 5.8 inches

Kuryakyn 9361 HyperCharger ES is a premium Harley air cleaner for 2017-19 Harley-Davidson Touring with Milwaukee-Eight performance motorcycles. This is quite a pricy air purifier than the others on the list. However, you won’t be disappointed with the features it offers.

Robust Construction

Kuryakyn HyperCharger is built with high-quality A380 aluminum housings in three finish options. Apart from enhancing the overall look of the bike, the filter is very sturdy that doesn’t break so easily. Moreover, the ergonomic design with forward-facing “ram air” styled inlets and modular accessory faceplates allow easy customization.

Integrated Servo Motor

The HyperCharger features an integrated electronic servo motor that delivers precise RPM-based butterfly engagement. It allows more fresh air to the engine to ensure you’re getting precise RPM.

Better Than Previous Models

The premium brand air filter with its improved CFM rating with the high flow K&N filter delivers approximately 10% more airflow than previous larger model. Also, a new internal “stinger” design on the encap so that maximum air can flow to the throttle body for a better performance exhaust note. Being water repellent, the kit can be used throughout the year.

The kit includes all required parts and instructions that come in handy while installing. If you need information about the kit, Kuryakyn Hypercharger ES Air Cleaner Kits Review at might help you out for a better shopping experience.

? Pros:

  • High-quality construction
  • Pleasant chrome finish
  • Integrated e-servo motor for precise RPM
  • Water repellent

? Cons:

  • Expensive

Does A High Flow Air Filter Make Difference?

First learn, what does an air filter do?

A stock filter filters polluted air particles to deliver non-toxic air to the engine for better combustion. A high flow air intake or high-performance filter, the way you call it, also does that. The difference is, it does it better. Here’re some of the advantages of using high flow air cleaners over conventional ones.

Now learn about the high flow air filter:

High flow filters allow more air to pass into the engine easily resulting in better combustion. This improves its horsepower and performance greatly. Typically, high flow filters increase your bike’s horsepower by 5-10HP, whereas, high-end air cleaners increase it up to 25HP.   

High-quality air intake doesn’t only result in improving the horsepower of your Harley, it also helps the engine to be more efficient. When better combustion occurs, the engine doesn’t need to work much while accelerating and maintaining high speeds. This allows the engine not to use much gasoline which makes it fuel-efficient. Even though fuel efficiency depends on many factors, better air intake improves the gas mileage by 10-15%.

Another benefit of using a high-performance Harley-Davidson filter is, you don’t have to change it every year, unlike regular filters. The only thing you need to clean the filter in about every two years or so. This is because the high-quality filter elements don’t get clogged easily which allows them to run for more miles without being cleaned or changed.

Last but not the least, even though the high-performance filters seem to be expensive, they usually end up being an affordable option. This is because of their long service lives and reusability.

How to Choose the Best Air Filter For Harley Davidson?

If you’re buying an air filter for the first time, you may find it a bit tricky. This is because you’ll find lots of similar products each claiming to be the best yet cost different prices.

You need to find out the right air filter that works with your Harley. To assist you with that, I bring a detailed buying guide that meets all your queries and helps you get the best air cleaners for your ride.

Types of Air Filter

There’re mainly three types of air filters namely, paper air filter, foam air filter, and cotton air filter.

The paper filter is the most commonly used type, thanks to its cheap price and availability. Even though the name suggests using paper as a material, they actually are made of a thick cellulose layer that is mixed with other materials. It has sufficient pores to be breathable even when high intake is taken from the engine. However, the inexpensive type of air filter has a limited life expectancy. You might need to change it frequently.

The foam air filter, on the other hand, is an expensive option that can be used for a long time if maintained properly. They also perform better if you want high airflow from the filter. Foam air filters are mostly used on off-road bikes.

The cotton air filter is another expensive air cleaner type that isn’t widely available. They also provide a long working period in which they can be washed and reused again.

Shape & Dimensions

The shape isn’t that important unless you’re too choosy about it. However, as the filter is placed outside of the engine, its dimension needs to be accurate for the best fitment.

All you need to do is to measure the flange, the height, and the width of the base. Knowing these dimensions will help you to search for the filter that fits on your bike’s engine. Again, if the bike comes with an OEM round tapered air cleaner, I recommend looking for a similar aftermarket option.

Many people love to have a custom Harley air cleaner cover so that the bike looks interesting.


Even though durability is almost a dying issue while searching for an air filter cover, there’re still some cheap filters that claim to be high-performance air purifiers. There’s a high possibility of tearing of the filter when you try to clean and re-use them.

The point is, when you try to save some bucks, you might eventually need to spend more money on changing air cleaners frequently. There’re obviously exceptions like the budget option on my list that deliver the best return for the money. So, make sure the high flow air cleaner for Harley Davidson that you choose is durable enough to withstand heavy usage and run longer.


Keep a track of the performance the manufacturers claim to have. Most manufacturers don’t usually show third-party performance test results. Screamin Eagle Heavy Breather Air Cleaner, K&N is an exception to that.

Oiled foam purifiers are known to allow additional airflow to the engine. That’s why they are mostly used on performance bikes such as sports bikes and off-road bikes.

Some paper filters also claim to be highly efficient than the OEM filter. You need to make sure they really are capable of increasing torque rather than falling for cheap advertisement.

Ease of Installation

The installation of the best air cleaner for Harley Davidson is one of the easiest tasks to do. However, things get messy when you get a filter without pre-oiled. It takes a bit long time and dedication. So, look for the pre-oil filter which can be easily installed within a few minutes.

Another thing to take care of is the time to be replaced or cleaned. Most aftermarket filters provide a certain mileage after which you must have to clean or replace them. However, I recommend cleaning them even before you reach up to that mileage, especially if you live in a polluted locality.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change my Harley air filter?

The period mainly depends on the mileage you’ve covered with an air filter. Different manufactures offer different mileage after which you should either clean or replace the filter. You’ll get the information in the manual. However, if you are from a polluted locality, you may need to change the filter even before.

Can’t I Just Run My Motor Without A Filter for Better Performance?

You can run the bike without an air filter but that’d greatly damage the engine’s performance and longevity as it makes the engine exposed to all harmful grit and intake inhale dust.

Do performance air filters actually work?

Yes, the best aftermarket Harley air cleaner actually improves the engine performance. however, the improvement will vary from one filter to another depending on their price as high-priced filters usually work better than the cheapest air filters. It also depends on your driving pattern largely.


Air cleaners for Harleys play a great role to get the maximum performance from the bike which is it famous for. A high flow air filter for Harley Davidson not only improves its overall performance but also increases the engine’s lifetime. I hope the article helps you find the best air filter for your bike. You can let me know in the comment section what you want me to discuss more about. Thanks for staying up to this long. Hope you have a great ride.