Best Transmission Cooler For 4l60e : [Top 3 Picks In 2022]

Like the engine, the transmission system temperature also needs to be kept in check to prevent overheating. That is where the best transmission cooler for 4160e comes in. Heat is the number one destroyer of 4160e transmissions. Knowing how to keep vehicle transmission temperature in check will help to prevent premature transmission failure.

Transmission coolers for 4160e help keep your transmission temperatures within the recommended range (170 – 190 degrees). This not only helps it to operate efficiently, but it also boosts its lifespan. The transmission cooler also helps to keep transmission fluid in excellent condition and prevent burned transmission fluid, causing overheating on the transmission.

But with so many transmission coolers for 4160e on the market, choosing one for your car can be a daunting task. Fortunately, today you are landed in the right place.

We have reviewed multiple transmission coolers and compiled a list of 3 best transmission coolers for 4160e on amazon:

  1. Hayden 679 transmission cooler
  2. B&M 70264 transmission cooler
  3. Derale 15300 tube and fin cooler

1. Hayden 679 transmission cooler

Manufactured by one of the most reputable companies in the performance cooling industry, Hayden 678 transmission cooler is designed to improve the performance and efficiency of your 4160e transmission. It is suitable for any type of vehicle that uses 4160e transmission, including pickups trucks, class C motor homes, and vans.

Its wide fin and pate design help to increase cooling capacity. This transmission cooler is designed to accommodate a GVWR of up to 30,000 pounds, towing up to 10,000 pounds. This means that your transmissions will perform incredibly well, even when carrying huge loads.

The patented internal turbulation that it features improves its cooling efficiency with minimal pressure, ensuring that your 4160e transmission stays under the recommended temperature (between 170- 190 degrees) even when immense pressure. Hayden 678 transmission cooler is also easy to install. It comes with a kit that includes all necessary parts for easy installation.

? Pros:
  • Easy mounting and installation
  • Made using high quality and durable parts
  • Compatible with a variety of vehicle with 4160e transmissions
  • High GVWR capacity and decent towing capacity
  • Comes as complete transmission cooler kit
? Cons:
  • There are cases of missing parts in the installation kit

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2. B&M 70264 transmission cooler

B&M is known to manufacture premium transmission fluid coolers, and once again, the company proved why they are forced to reckon with when they launched B&M 70264 transmission cooler. This cooler is connected with high-quality black aluminum alloy and stacked plates for efficient heat dissipation. The aluminum material that is made of is resistant to abrasion and corrosion, a factor that ensures that the cooler serves for you a long time. It is compatible with 4160e transmissions. You can use it on all kinds of trucks, mid-sized cars, and SUVs with 4160e transmissions.

B&M 70264 transmission cooler is pressure tested to up to 200 PSI. This means that you don’t have to worry about the cooler leaking, as it is the case with other cooler brands. Its stacked plate and multiple oil flow paths provide fast heat dissipation, thus keeping your 4160e transmission temperature within the optimal range.

B&M 70264 transmission cooler is estimated to be 30% more efficient than the traditional tube and fin coolers. This is rated 13,000 BTU, which is pretty impressive. It comes with all necessary installation kits and is backed by a one-year limited manufacturer warranty. If you are searching for a resilient and high-performance transmission cooler for your 4160e transmissions, look no further than B&M 70264 transmission cooler. With B&M 70264 transmission cooler, you are guaranteed that your 4160e transmission temperature will not go higher than 180 degrees regardless of the amount of stress it is subjected to.

? Pros:
  • Comes with full transmission cooler kit
  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy that is resistant tip corrosion and abrasion
  • Compactible with 4160e transmissions
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • High-performance cooling
? Cons:
  • Its hose is not long enough

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3. Derale 15300 tube and fin cooler

Derale 15300 tube and fin cooler is one of the bestselling heavy-duty transmission coolers on the market. Its success is mainly attributed to its incredible features. Its large design ensures fast and efficient cooling of your 4160e transmission even when under intense pressure. This cooler has 16 rows of cooling, nearly double the size of most tube and fin coolers. In addition to its 16 rows of tubes, this transmission cooler has a whooping fluid capacity of 19.6oz.

Derale 15300 tube and fine cooler is rated 250 PSI and has a remarkable 300 PSI burst strength. This means that it can withstand intense pressure without leaking. This transmission cooler is also equipped with 8an fitting both on inlet and outlet for efficient cooling performance. Derale 15300 tube and fin cooler is ideal for motorists searching for a robust cooler for their 4160e transmission.

? Pros:
  • Easy to mounting and installation
  • Large frame for efficient heat dissipation
  • Compact and sturdy built
  • Comes with all kits for easy installation
  • Universal application
? Cons:
  • Some customer have complained that the instruction manual is not detailed

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Transmission coolers for 4160e buying guide

The transmission cooler that you choose will determine how effective your 4160e transmission will perform. Therefore, it is vital to choose a transmission cooler that will unleash the full potential of your 4160e transmission cooler. Below are essential things to consider when buying a 4160e transmission cooler.

Consider compatibility

The first important thing to consider before buying a transmission cooler for your 4160e transmission is compatibility. The last thing you want is buying a cooler only to realize later that it is not compatible with your 4160e transmission. It is important to note that not all transmissions on the market are compatible with 4160e transmissions. Therefore, before you make your final choice, inquire to know if it is compatible with your transmission. Fortunately, most manufacturers today specify the transmission that their coolers are compatible with.

Consider the material and design.

The primary goal of a transmission cooler is to ensure that your transmission does not overheat. The material and design that your transmissions fluid is made of will determine how effective your cooler will reduce temperatures in the transmission fluid. For instance, coolers made of aluminum perform well compared to those made of steel. This is because aluminum is an excellent heat dissipater and also resistant to wear and tear. Additionally, transmission coolers with broad surfaces provide better cooling performance than those with narrow design.

Consider ease of installation.

Some transmission coolers are can only be fixed by a trained mechanic while others can be fixed easily by the car owner. If you want to install the transmission cooler by yourself, it is crucial to choose one that is easy to install. Please take your time and research to identify a transmission cooler for 4160e that is easy to install. The instruction manual given should be simple and easy to execute.

Consider GVWR

GVWR refers to the gross vehicle mass as specified by the manufacturer. This includes a total load of car components, passengers, and cargo. Before you purchase a transmission cooler for your car, it is crucial to choose one that your vehicle can comfortably handle. GVWR numbers usually range from 10,000 to more than 30,000 pounds. Higher GVWR number means that your car uses more transmissions fluid and requires a more efficient cooler to prevent it from overheating.

Consider the type of transmission cooler.

When searching for a transmission cooler for your 4160e, you will have three different types to choose from. They include tune and fin, stacked plate and plate, and fin. Each type of transmission has its own pros and cons. For instance, tube and fin transmission coolers are cost-effective but don’t transfer heat as effectively as other coolers. Choose a transmission type that is compatible with your 4160e transmission and delivers excellent cooling performance.


The type of transmission cooler you choose for your 4160e transmission will determine how well it will perform. A good transmission cooler for 4160e should be compatible with the specifications of your car and provides sufficient cooling capacity for strenuous transmission loads. If you are searching for the best transmissions cooler for 4160e, then we recommend that you choose any of the options provided above. They have all been tested and proven to provide excellent cooling performance. They are highly efficient, durable, and affordable.