Best Lift Kits for Nissan Frontier: [Top 6 Picks]

Owning a Nissan Frontier but not getting a lift kit! What a waste!! A lift kit can give an aggressive look that you want from the off-road beast.

With a lift kit, a truck gets more ground clearance than usual to avoid any obstacle. Your truck gains its shock resistance. People often install lift kit in their Frontier just to look better or to fit larger wheels and tire.

So, lift kits are important to improve the truck’s overall performance and ensure the owner’s satisfaction. In this article, we’ll discuss the best lift kit for Nissan Frontier and the necessary things to consider before buying. We will evaluate the best options you can get to help you choose wisely.

What Are The Best Lift Kits For Nissan Frontier?

Here Are Our Top Recomended list of 6 Best Lift Kits for Nissan Frontier available on amazon:

  1. Best Overall: Supreme Suspensions – Full Lift Kit
  2. Runner-Up: Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit
  3. Best for Frontier Pro-4X: Truxxx 705060 Lift Kit
  4. Best Suspension Lift Kit: Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit
  5. Best Front Leveling Kit: Supreme Suspensions – Front Leveling Kit
  6. Best Rear Lift Kit: Heavy Metal Suspensions Lift Kit

Best Lift Kits For Nissan Frontier Reviewed:

#1. Best Overall: Supreme Suspensions AZM 287 – Full Lift Kit

Specifications & Main Features:

  • Several lifting height options
  • Larger shackle U-bolts for extra strength
  • High quality material maintains strength to weight ratio
  • Doesn’t fit Pro 4X model
  • Easy installation

If you are looking for Nissan Frontier 3 inch lift kit, Supreme Suspensions has brought this model for you that offers high-end lift kit CNC machined out of T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum & High-Strength Steel. This kit comes with quality hardware to ensure your comfortable ride.

The Supreme Suspensions lift kit fits any Frontier model from 2005 to 2020 and 2009 to 2012 Suzuki Equator for both 2WD and 4WD. However, it doesn’t fit Pro 4X models, and the rear kit only works for models with Spring over Axle setup.

The AZM 287 kit comes with 2x Front lift Strut Spacers, 2x Rear Lift Tapered Blocks, 4x Square Bend U-Bolts, required installation hardware and instruction with Supreme Suspensions Pro Pack.

You can lift the front and rear heights according to your choice with various available options. However, the rear lift kit only works for models with SOA suspension setup. Larger shackle U-bolts of 9/16″ for extra strength with billet front spacers make a great product. Installation is pretty easy. You can fix all within 4 hours. We recommend having the adjustable caster/camber bolt kit and have the front end aligned.

The Supreme Suspensions lift kit improves the look of your truck with obviously increasing ground clearance. It allows you to fit larger rims and tires to perform better on dirt and rocks.

Why Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit is Our Top Pick?

The lift kit maintains factory ride quality. The best part of the kit is Strut Spacers are constructed from T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum that ensures strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion. The premium lift material is tempered to a strength of 35,000 psi and finished with an anodized Coating so that it won’t compress even under tremendous load.


The Supreme Suspensions lift kit offers various front and rear suspension lift. You have the choice to get one according to your wish. The kit ensures extra strength to your vehicle with large U-bolts and high-quality RAW materials. If you want an easy installation, then this kit is perfect for you. Surely, the kit will make sure your next extreme ride to be memorable.

👍 Pros:
  • Easy installation
  • The build-in taper corrects pinion angle
  • Very high-quality materials used
  • Several lifting height options
👎 Cons:
  • Need to oversize the holes on the bottom plates

Available On Amazon

#2. Runner-Up: Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit

Specifications & Main Features:

  • Strut spacers attached at the top of the strut
  • Aircraft quality billet aluminum spacers and blocks.
  • Preserves factory-like quality
  • Easy installation
  • Doesn’t fit Pro 4X model

Rough Country is one of the top trusted companies that produce a lift kit. The Rough Country 2.5″ lift kit fits any Frontier or Xterra model from 2005 to 2020. However, the hardware doesn’t fit Pro-4X. The kit is famous for high-quality materials and easy installation at home.

The RC 2.5″ lift kit comes with a set of strut spacers attached at the top of the strut. This allows no strut disassembly that makes the process a lot smoother. A set of plate steel shackles of 3/8″ is included to preserve factory-like quality and reduce driveline vibrations.

These heavy-duty shackles provide lifting easily and effectively. The shackle kit also includes a set of DOM tubed bolt sleeves and Grade 8 hardware to ensure great strength. We recommend purchasing camber bolts as your truck may not get aligned without them.

Installation of RC 2.5″ is also pretty easy and straightforward. You don’t have to disconnect the ABS line. You can just take it off the brackets to give you slack and use a support jack under the lower control arm. The aircraft quality billet aluminum spacers and blocks protect your truck from on and off-road obstacles.

Why is This Our Runner-up?

Well, don’t get us wrong. The RC 2.5″ Nissan Frontier lift kit doesn’t compromise it’s standard a little, but their recommended tire size won’t work without extensive modification if you own a 2018 2WD Frontier. Apart from this, you won’t regret purchasing the kit.


The Rough Country lift kit gives you a perfect blend of performance, protection, and style within a great price. With ground clearance, you will not only conquer road obstacles but also get smooth, balanced, and OEM like a ride.

👍 Pros:
  • Easy installation
  • Robust construction
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty
👎 Cons:
  • 285 tire doesn’t fit the 2WD
  • Loud knocking comes out while speed gaining as OEM upper control arms hit the coil bucket. You can either install bump guards or get some SPC upper control arms that clear the coil bucket.

Available On Amazon

#3. Best for Frontier Pro-4X: Truxxx 705060 Lift Kit

Specifications & Main Features:

  • Maintains both leveling and lifting
  • retains the OEM ride quality
  • Solid built hardware as stock parts
  • Lifetime warranty

If you look for the best lift kit for Nissan Frontier Pro-4X, Truxxx 705060-3″ Lift Kit serves you the best. The lift kit is compatible with all 2005-2020 Nissan Frontier and Navara 2WD and 4WD models with Frontier Pro-4X. Also, it works great with the 2009-2013 Suzuki Equator pickups.

The Truxxx 3″ front and 1.5″ rear block lift kit gives you room for bigger tires. Once installed, a 4WD can fit up to 33″ tall tires on stock style wheels. Still, you should always test fit wheels and tires after installing them.

The lift kit comes with two front strut spacers, large 9/16″ American made U-bolts, rear blocks, and all the necessary hardware detailed instructions and complete alignment specifications. The kit requires no modification at all to your vehicle. All parts and hardware are solid, well-built that provide better quality than the stock parts.

The installation process is a bit tricky for Truxxx 705060 lift kit. You may need to drill out the brackets for the rear leaf spring U-bolts and then poultice the U-bolts to align with the holes even after drilling out as some customers did. The installation and alignment process may take 3 to 4 hours, depending upon your skills.


If you own a Pro-4X and looking for a kit that levels and lifts at the same time, Truxxx 705060 is a great lift kit for the money. The company claims mill certified steel and laser cut to precision tolerances to retain the OEM ride quality.

👍 Pros:
  • Maintains both leveling and lifting
  • Ensures the OEM ride quality
  • Lifetime warranty
👎 Cons:
  • May need to drill while installing

Available On Amazon

#4. Best Suspension Lift Kit: Rough Country 6″ Lift Kit

Specifications & Main Features:

  • 6″ spacer lift
  • N3 shock absorbers
  • Smooth highway ride and excellent off-road action
  • Hard to get back to stock
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee on the struts and shocks

If you want to make memories with your Nissan Frontier to the extreme conditions, make sure you fit the 6 inch lift kit for nissan frontier provided by Rough Country. The kit gives you unparalleled ground clearance to avoid any obstacle for both on and off-road use. The kit fits any model from 2005 to 2020 Nissan Frontier.

The RC 6″ lift kit brings 2x N3 lifted struts, lifted knuckles to retain the OE-style geometry of the vehicle, lower strut extensions, to keep everything in line front and rear cross member at the front.

You get fabricated lift blocks, brake line relocation brackets, U-bolts for the rear of the Frontier. This kit features Rough Country’s 10-stage variable valving, high-pressure Nitrogen charged N3 shock absorbers that offer amazing off-road action and smooth highway ride quality.

Rough Country’s extensive Frontier kit can take lots of your time to install. You don’t need any welding or disassembly of the strut during installation except minor cutting and drilling. You also will get Rough Country’s lifetime replacement guarantee on the struts and shocks.


The Rough Country 6″ lift kit is the ultimate game-changer if you really want to lift higher. The kit is designed to be the least invasive but doesn’t compromise on your protection with durable components and style of your daily driven Frontier.

👍 Pros:
  • Nitrogen charged N3 shock absorbers
  • 6″ spacer lift
👎 Cons:
  • Doesn’t fit PRO-4X
  • Can’t get back to stock once installed. If only you weld all the things that you cut off while installing, then you can get back to stock, which you won’t like.

Available On Amazon

#5. Best Front Leveling Kit: Supreme Suspensions — Front Leveling Kit

Specifications & Main Features:

  • Provide excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Several heights to choose from
  • Adds extra payload capacity
  • Easy installation

Many people prefer going for a front leveling kit because overall payload capacity remains s same as it will only influence the front of your truck. If you own a 2005-2020 Nissan Frontier or 2005-2015 Nissan Xterra (2WD or 4WD) and want to fit a front leveling kit, Supreme Suspensions AZM 284.1 pro might be perfect for you.

You can lift your vehicle either 2″ or 2.5″ or 3″ with the front suspension leveling kit. The kit includes 2x aircraft billet front strut spacers, installation hardware with Instructions, and Supreme Suspensions Pro Pack. The spacer width to lift height is not a 1:1 ratio. So, you need to measure your vehicle ride height before and after to see the full lift amount has been achieved or not.

The easy installation process may take 1-2 hours to fit the Supreme Suspensions front leveling kit. After installing, you must check back the alignment. Without adding a camber/caster kit on the lower control arms, it’s difficult to bring the alignment to zero.


If you only want to lift the front of your Nissan Frontier, the Supreme Suspensions AZM 284.1 pro would serve you the best. It Improves the look of your vehicle, increases ground clearance, and ensures protection against elements. From structural integrity to quality hardware, the lift kit have you covered.

👍 Pros:
  • Allows fitting larger custom rims and tires
  • Constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum to provide excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Several heights to choose from
👎 Cons:
  • Does NOT Fit Pro4X Model
  • Users faced upper control arms rub on the upper strut socket while going over a speed bump too fast. You can solve this problem with aftermarket upper control arms. But that’ll make you pay more.

Available On Amazon

#6. Best Rear Lift Kit: Heavy Metal Suspensions Lift Kit

Specifications & Main Features:

  • Adds extra payload capacity to the truck
  • Kits are capable of undergoing extreme conditions
  • Easy Bolt-on Installation
  • Friendly customer service

People searching for the best rear lift kit Heavy Metal Suspensions lift kit is here for you that fits (2005 – 2020) Nissan Frontier both 2WD and 4WD. The rear lift kit lifts your vehicle without compromising any ride quality.

The Heavy Metal Suspensions lift kit is designed to provide you 2″ rear lift that is about 21″ long in length. The kit includes 2x Add-A-Leaf springs forged from carbon steel and flex Powder Coat finish to withstand high compression without cracking. The company claims the kit won’t break even under the toughest conditions. It also includes 4x Poly Isolator Pads and hardware and installation instructions.

The Easy Bolt-on Installation of Heavy Metal Suspensions lift kit requires 2-3 hours. You may get longer U-bolts to ensure heavy-duty performance and easy installation. Once the installation is done, getting an alignment is essential to maintain your ride quality. The kit adds some payload capacity to your truck.

A Note: Your Frontier’s spring condition is the primary factor for the actual lift height achieved. It may lift anywhere between 1.5″ and 2″.


Heavy Metal Suspensions lift kit comes with complete installation instructions, high-grade hardware, and ASE certified telephone support. You will get a very friendly customer service if facing any problem. This Metal Suspensions lift kit brings a nice subtle lift to the rear of your Frontier with extra capacity. A great choice indeed.

👍 Pros:
  • Can withstand the toughest condition
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • Lifetime Warranty
👎 Cons:
  • We didn’t find any cons

Available On Amazon

How To Choose The Best Lift Kits For Nissan Frontier

Well, by now you should know which lift kit you want for your Nissan Frontier. But before buying one, you should look for a few key features that will make your lifting experience a lot better.

What Is A Lift Kit For Nissan Frontier?

Lift kits are basically aftermarket parts that are used to lift your truck high above the ground. Car manufacturers don’t do lifting but other companies that produce specialized kits to upgrade your truck.

There are two main types of lifting kits available; body lift kit and suspension lift kit. You can see their differences, pros, and cons here.

Body lift kits are mostly used by off-road vehicles like your Frontier. This inexpensive way of lifting your truck removes the body from the frame. Install some blocks and kits between them and rejoins them. The gap between body and frame is increased and visible until you use Gap guards.

Suspension lift kits, on the contrary, lift the entire vehicle by physically increasing the height of the suspension through various methods. Both the body and frame are lifted.

Overall, a lift kit for Nissan Frontier offers better maneuverability off the road. You also have a choice to have bigger wheels to track rough trails. We’ve chosen specific models that will serve your need efficiently.

What Size Lift Kit Do You Need?

You are independent to choose any sized lift kit for your Nissan Frontier. This depends on how much elevation you are comfortable with. People usually stay satisfied with Nissan Frontier 4-inch lift kit or a 6-inch kit.

A Frontier provides both an aggressive look and decent ground clearance within this lift range. If you want a bumpy ride anyway, you can lift more.

The size of the lift kit depends on how large your tires will be. You may fit 36-inch tires with a little lift. But if you want larger tires, the lift kit should be larger accordingly.

Lift Height and Performance Consideration

All lift kits serve one thing in common, and that is increasing the height of the vehicle. But before you buy, you need to fix how much you will lift. Think about your concerns with the truck; either you want the aggressive look or emphasis on the off-road performance or the both. If you want a regular drive, stick to a little lift. A larger lift may deplete the vehicle’s fuel economy. So, if you like a factory-like ride, better go for a little lift.

Also, the size of the tires, types of wheels you’ll be using have an intense connection with the lift height. So determining how much you want to lift is important.


It’s not only you. Everyone who visits websites to buy a lift kit, search for the least expensive one. It’s not actually bad as you get what you pay for. A cheap Nissan Frontier 4 inch lift kit will surely lift your truck by several inches, but you might not be as thrilled with the ride quality or the angles of the CV axles.

Cheaper lift kits usually don’t come with many components to correct the angles just to be more affordable. We’re not convinced that pricey kits are the best already but offer more options. Educate yourself before you buy a lift kit.

Robust components

Using premium quality components ensure extra strength that you seek from the truck. When riding on off-road, the robust components will be your savior. They don’t break even under toughest conditions and ensure excellent strength to weight ratio. Also, using high-quality parts can reduce some of the rough ride aspects.

Installation Process

Most of the lift kits come with installation instructions. Yet, you may face difficulty while installing. Kits with easy installation process come handy at times. You may need to spend a whole day fitting a lift kit if the installation process isn’t smooth.


The least considered thing people look for is the warranty. But having a lifetime warranty and several years strut and shocks guarantee adds extra value. You also can drive freely without thinking much of the parts.

State and Local laws

Lifting doesn’t always stay in your hand, as many states have strict street-legal lift laws that limit your lifting range. Before you buy a lift kit, go through the maximum lift that your state allows.


Whether you love to have a great look of your Nissan Frontier or want the beast-like performance on and off- roads, a quality lift kit will please you from all aspects. After all, lifting your truck is an American tradition.

It’s better you study a little about the lift kit you are going to buy and what it offers to you. Our article should help you choose the best lift kit for Nissan Frontier.

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