Who Makes Harley Davidson Oil and Where Made?

Most of the riders trust Harley Davidson oil. Unequivocally, it is one of the mass market products around the world. Some of the fans even have the product’s logo as tattoos on their body.  Obviously, this huge fanbase would love to know who and where Harley Davidson oil is made?

SUNOCO is the manufacturer of Harley Davidson oil. This oil giant is based in Dallas, Texas, US. So, Harley Davidson oil is a proud product of the United States.

The company fought for long on many ownerships, product quality, poor economic situation, subsidiary arrangements, and finally became a mechanical powerhouse.

Let’s go through the article to know more about the oil Harley Davidson makes.

Is Harley Davidson oil any good?

Harley Davidson oil is definitely a winner. It is highly apricated by the riders because:  

  • Extreme heat resistance: Synthetic oil helps combat viscosity at high temperatures to flow finely in cold weather.
  • Reduce friction finely: synthetic oil is thinner than non-synthetic oil, making sure the engines’ smooth operation.
  • Ameliorated heat control: Misspending heat engines are articulated by the synthetic motorcycle oil
  • Provides wear protection for chains and gears: It helps to reduce corrosion, allowing the metal not to crack.
  • Better performance: Increase the fuel economy if you use synthetic oil, and motorcycles’ power will provide better drag resistance.
  • Long-lasting: You will require fewer oil-related issues as synthetic oil can be used for a long time. 

Now, from my technical expertise, I can explain one bottleneck the oil carries.


  • Temperature tolerance: It is not suitable for temperatures above 40-degree Fahrenheit.

Who makes Harley Davidson oil?

Harley Davidson does not make their oils and filters. However, it is associated with other oil brands and keeps a business relationship with numerous oil companies.

The manufacturer of the Harley Davidson oil is SUNOCO. But, some specific type of oil is made in Citgo, such as SYN3.

Where is Harley Davidson oil made?

The Harley Davidson oil is made in the United States. But, there is some twist. I want to call the Harley Davidson oil packed in America, but the origin of the oil does not belong to the US.

Harley Davidson always claims their oil is proudly manufactured in the US. I support their claim, as a major refining process is conducted in the US bases of SUNOCO.

Who sells Harley Davidson oil?

Oil merchants sell Harley Davidson oil, and you can buy it online. They recommend you to purchase or use 20w-50 full synthetic as it can be suitable for many common vehicles. Let me give you some tips before you buy it. The tips are:

  • Read the warranty clause
  • Check the main transmission
  • Engine
  • Gearbox
  • Check SAE data

About the Manufacturers:

The manufacturer of Harley Davidson oil is SUNOCO, an. American master limited partnership organized under Delaware state and the full form of SUNOCO is Sun Oil Company. The current CEO of the company is Joseph King.

The SUNOCO was founded in 1886 by three renowned oil merchants, Philip Pisano, Joseph N. Pew, and Edward O. Emerson.

What are the types of Harley Davidson oil available?

Motor oil is one of the critical components of any kind of vehicle. Choosing an appropriate motor oil can improve the moving of the bike. So, you should have clear ideas about the types of oil. Basically, there are three types of motorcycle oil. They are:

Mineral oil: Mineral oil is considered to be crude oil designed for the use of engines. This is one of the oils extensively used for vintage bikes.

Semi-synthetic oils: Semi-synthetic oil is a combination of synthetic chemicals with the good quality of crude oil. This is the second least expensive of the oil and provides fabulous performance at a low cost.

Synthetic oils: Synthetic oil is the best quality of oil which shows the best performance than mineral oils and semi-synthetic oils and is the most expensive. Most people find it very flexible to use it.

What are the best Harley Davidson oils?

In this phase of the article, I will help you to get ideas on the best oil for Harley Davidson. Remember, selecting the best oil can be crucial because it is a detrimental factor to the engine’s longevity.

Motul synthetic oil: The renowned motor oil for Harley Davidson motorcycles is countersigned by the American Petroleum Institution. It is perfect for the replacement of engines and has a design to make sure shifting gears. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages.


  • It helps to reduce the friction of the engines in the internal sections of the motorcycle.
  • Gives internal and external protection.
  • It manages temperature.
  • It has a greater capacity of milage than the other kinds of synthetic oil.


  • Quite expensive.
  • Lower viscosity oil.

Red line full synthetic oil: It is also one of the famous Synthetic oil associated with Harley Davidson manufacture. It is situated in Benicia, California, in the United States. This is distinctively fashioned for utilizing in all kinds of modern vehicles which has four-stroke. Let’s get to know its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It can be used in all kinds of vehicles that have four-stroke.
  • Suitable for the viscosity of Harley Davidson.
  • Gives protection from wear and tear.
  • Intensifies a watery method of snatching.
  • It helps to run engines smoothly and noise-free.
  • Easy to pour.


  • No difference among other brands of synthetic oil.
  • It is costly.
  • The amount of oil inside the bottle is half the size of bottles.

Amsoil synthetic oil: My third list of best synthetic oil is refined from crude oil. The founder of this is Albert. These oils have some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Anti-wear protection for the parts of the automotive.
  • It shields the engine.
  • Keep the metal surface separate and safe as it produces a vibrant layer of fluid.
  • They are designed to increase the power efficiency of the fuel cost.
  • It minimizes friction between the surface of the automotive.
  • It is suitable for both weather and prevents corrosion.


  • It is not multifaceted, which will increase your expenses.

Mobile1 synthetic oil: This is fully synthetic oil that performs excellently, idiosyncratically designed to meet the motorcycle engines’ requirements. Well, there are some good and bad points.


  • It has stability for preventing corrosion and temperature.
  • Reduces friction.
  • Provides excellent lubrication
  • Smooth and reliable condition


  • High cost.

Shell Rotella motor oil: It is another fully synthetic oil that gives triple protection for the engines, and its SAE is 5W-40. It has some good sides as well as negetive sides.


  • Compatible for emission system
  • Excellent shear stability
  • Good fuel economy
  • Protects against the external surface
  • Long-lasting


  • price is high.

The consumer-level reviews of these oils, the riders or customers show an optimistic attitude towards Harley Davidson’s products. To me, it is one of the reputed brands always strive to get high-quality natural oils.

Expert Opinion:  Surely, you will face difficulties when choosing a good quality of the oil. If you choose inappropriate oil for cars or any vehicle, your vehicle’s engine may live short. As you already read this article, I hope you have gained an advanced level of knowledge that will help you to select the perfect oil for your engine.


Now you know who makes the Harley Davidson oil and where it is made. Regardless of the manufacturing origin, we should emphasize the quality of each company’s oil. But, the thing is, how could you know which one is better?  It is not possible to test each one, right? Give the research to me, and stay with the blog to enjoy the most critical evaluation of the oil industry. Coming Next!