Most Comfortable Seat for Harley Street Glide: [Top 7 Picks]

Comfort and riding in style are two main features of a Street Glide. But both characteristics can get compromised due to bad-quality seats. That is why I have been looking for durable, stylish, and the most comfortable seat for Harley Street Glide.

These aftermarket seats have the features and comfort that you can’t get from a stock seat. Moreover, these products are capable of giving you more control while riding for a long time.

Whether you are looking for a low-cost model, something premium, or a seat with great back support, you can find it in my review. Read my buying guide, the detailed review, and it would help you find the right one. 

Just in case if you’re in a hurry….

have a quick look at my top-picked comfortable seats for Street Glide:

  1. Mustang 79556 – Best Overall
  2. TCMT Rider Passenger One-Piece – Runner-up
  3. XFMT New Hammock – Best Budget.
  4. Mustang 76738 – Comfortable and Durable
  5. Mustang 76694 Wide Tripper – Best Solo Seats For Street Glide
  6. TCMT Low Profile – Wide and Relaxing 
  7. TCMT Rear Passenger – Preferred for Passengers

How Did I Pick?

While searching on Amazon, I have seen lots of Harley-compatible seats with lots of good ratings. However, all are not fitted for specific Street Glide models. So, I had to read through their description and filter out only the compatible ones.

After that, I looked for the design, build material, and user rating of the short-listed products. In the end, there were 7 models that I thought were worth recommending to you. Read my full review below, and you would find a suitable and comfortable seat for your ride. 

Whether you are looking for a solo seat or complete ones with a backrest option, you can find a suitable model in this review. Without further ado, let’s get started.

7 Most Comfortable Seats for Harley Street Glide: Reviewed

Mustang 79556 – Best Overall

The price must be a shock to you when other aftermarket seats are available at a more affordable price.

But I like it more than others due to the comfort it can provide. After I describe all of its features, you would understand.


Mustang 79556 fits nicely on any Street Glide made from 2008 to 2019. Following the instruction manual, you can install it without any loose movements. 

As it sets the rider almost 1.75” back, only tall riders can get the most out of it.


As it measures 19” wide at the front and 14” at the back, both rider and passenger can feel the comfort.

After experiencing both stock and this aftermarket seat, you will be able to tell the difference immediately. The filling is so thick that it raises the rider almost 2 to 3 inches. 


Another mentionable feature of this product is the high-quality materials used in the production. The base metal frame and cover have the highest service life one can expect.

You have already known that the package includes a backrest for the driver. You can set it at your preferred height, or remove it if necessary.

Pro Tip: Lots of users complain its backrest not being staying up as it is supposed to. By using blue Loctite, you can solve the issue within 10 minutes. Contact the manufacturer, and they would tell you how to do it.

The Good

  • Very wide seat making it comfortable for tall persons
  • More comfortable and an inch higher than the stock seat
  • Changes the center of balance providing more control
  • Fits most of the street glide models.

The Bad

  • The backrest quality is not very satisfactory as it may keep sliding down.


I admit that the seat is a bit bulkier than usual but it sure does provide comfort as one requires for long rides. According to the users, it is a true upgrade from the stock.

If you are ready to spend more than a thousand bucks, you will love it as the most comfortable seat for Harley Davidson Street Glide. You can also check out the one-piece option in case of a tight budget or style concern. 

TCMT Rider Passenger One-Piece – Runner-up

While searching for a worthy seat for your Harley Davidson, I found this more stylish and less-costly model than the top pick.

The only reason I placed it in the second position is due to the lack of proper instructions and a fewer compatible model list.


As I have hinted above, it only supports the specific models released from 2014 to 2020. It is a good fit for those bikes that need something colorful.

The width and the height suggest that only tall persons can get the most comfortable in it.


The thick cushioning or padding has foam filling and it raises the seat almost 3 inches. Furthermore, the suspension system aids to the comfort making it one of a kind.

Adjustable Parts

With adjustable options for the backrest and an integrated suspension system, the seats are perfect for long rides.

In case you don’t like the backrests, you can remove them any time you want.

The Good

  • High-quality coloring and stitching
  • Comfortable PU synthetic leather material
  • Integrated suspension system for better support and tailbone-protection
  • Includes backrests for both driver and passenger 

The Bad

  • Installing the driver’s backrest is the hardest as no instructions come with the package.


These are like royal seats with a really nice design and lots of cushioning. HD owners who are looking for something slightly less expensive without compromising the comfort, this is the one to go for. 

XFMT New Hammock – Best Budget

Here, I have got the most affordable and good-quality seat that is one of a kind. You can search but there is no other model offering the same price and features. Indeed, you can’t get the same comfort or service life as the previous two. But it has lots of good things to offer, and let me explain them below.


The runner-up model has a compatibility limitation which is not present in this one. it has a wide range of compatibility ranging from 2009 models to 2020. The front width is 16.5” and the rear width is 15.4”. So, you can understand how relaxing it is compared to the stock one. 


The ergonomic design spreads the weight uniformly over the width of the seat ensuring maximum comfort. Also, the suspension system integrated into the seat helps provide a long comfortable ride.


Due to the quality of the cover material, it can’t last as long as the previous two. However, you won’t be disappointed either. At this price point, I didn’t expect several color options which you can’t even get from the top pick.

The Good

  • Very thick cushioning ensuring the type of comfort one wants
  • Well-made and very soft seat for both driver and passenger
  • Comes with plenty of space without compromising the look
  • Affordable product with several color options

The Bad

  • The leather quality and fitting of this model need some improvement.


Other than the fact that it is a lot bulkier than the stock seat, you would love it considering the price and comfort it offers.

The thickness of the padding protects the rider’s and passenger’s tailbone from roads with potholes.

Mustang 76738 – Comfortable and Durable

If you are a fan of Mustang seats due to their quality and craftsmanship, I will be glad to introduce another model from the company. This one comes at a lower price point and fewer features than the top pick. 


As it is not compatible with street glide models other than 2006 and 2007 releases, the seat couldn’t earn a place higher in the list. 


In terms of comfort and stability, it has all the features you might need. However, if you are looking for a street glide seat with a backrest, you will need to consider other models. 

This one also has a wider design with a vinyl cover so that your hipbone stays protected. 

The Good

  • Optimal positioning for long-distance comfort 
  • Better support and weight distribution
  • Durable long-lasting material both inside and outside
  • Vinyl cover and detailed stitch work 

The Bad

  • It raises the height compared to the stock one which can be problematic for shorter riders.


Here is another Mustang-quality seat for Street Glide owners which is affordable, durable, and comfortable. It has a minimalistic design with no backrests.

If you are okay with vinyl covers and appreciate detailed stitch work, you will surely love this one.

Mustang 76694 Wide Tripper – Great for Solo Riders

Riders who don’t want bulky seats like the previous ones should check this one out. It is a minimalistic seat for riding low.

This is comfortable and stylish but you can’t rely on it for long-distance rides.


Mustang 76694 fits Street Glide models released between 2008 and 2019. 


Those who are considering mustang seats for street glide without looking at other brands should check this one out. It is comfortable but not as much as other ones. 

Because this is a low-ride seat. The benefit of such a design is to help short riders. And the bad side is that you can’t rely on its padding for long-distance rides.

The Good

  • Fashionable minimalistic solo seat for only drivers
  • Low riding configuration perfect for both short and tall riders
  • A wide range of compatibility
  • Pushes the rider back about an inch

The Bad

  • The quality of the cover material is not up to the mark.


I know that lots of HD owners are looking for a single-seat option with no fancy backrest or a passenger seat. That is why this is the perfect option for them.

It has the quality, durability, comfort, and convenience making it suitable for short-distance riding.

TCMT Low Profile – Wide and Relaxing

Seeing the solo model, you must be thinking that low-riding and comfort don’t belong on the same page.

However, you are bound to think differently after seeing the features of this one from TCMT. Let me elaborate. 


If you own a Street Glide released between 2014 and 2020, you will be able to fit this seat. 


There is nothing particularly special about this product. It has the same build materials as the runner-up. But the difference is in the padding and overall design. And, this one is a lesser model which makes sense of the lower price point.

The Good

  • Ergonomic design with wider seat specification
  • Durable iron construction with PU leather cover
  • Very soft and firm foam filling for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable and removable backrest included

The Bad

  • The lack of instructions makes it really tough to install the seat on the bike.


Tall riders who are looking for a wider and relaxing seat design with an optional backrest can be the perfect product for them.

The nice and detailed diamond-shaped stitch work gives it a premium look. 

TCMT Rear Passenger – Preferred for Passengers

From the same company, I have another product that is only suitable for passengers.

It is slightly expensive and I expected more from it. For example, a backrest would be awesome.


Riders can easily install it who owns any model released between 2009 and 2020.

Several Designs

It has got the same production material with lots of different styles and color options. This solo seat for passengers has got a wider surface area and better weight distribution.

The Good

  • Comes with extra width for the comfort of the passenger
  • Good and nice-looking stitch work
  • Highly durable PU leather cover
  • Affordable and convenient 

The Bad

  • No backrest is given with the package.


If your Harley’s passenger seat is damaged somehow, this will save the day. It is affordable, stylish, durable, and comfortable.

Though there are no backrests provided, you can always buy one separately making it convenient for everyone.

How to Choose the Best Seat For Street Glide?

Just like me, you should keep the following 5 factors in mind while choosing the right seat for your Harley Davidson Street Glide.

If you are going to order a model that is not reviewed in this article, my buying guide will help you.

Metal Construction

The first and most important part of a motorcycle seat is the baseplate material. I know that almost all of the aftermarket seats come with metal construction. But what one usually doesn’t know is whether the metal has a higher gauge or not. 

However, it is hard to find the specification of the steel tube used to make the seat because the manufacturers do not care. You can check the user opinions and guess the quality.

Suspension and Cushioning

As we are talking about the most comfortable seat Harley Davidson Street Glide, we have to also consider the suspension and cushioning seriously like the baseplate.

There are usually two types of fillings that go with the seats; gel and foam. For the specific products in this article, we won’t be seeing any gel-type seats. 

Nonetheless, there are different qualities in foam filling. After researching the products, I have selected the models that come with high-quality foam fillings. If you are going to research by yourself, keep this factor in mind.

Cover Material

Cover material is not only significant for a seat’s longevity but also its comfort. Seat covers can be leather or synthetic materials.

Leather is more preferable for its breathability, comfort, and durability. But it costs a lot for buying and maintenance.

On the other hand, synthetic materials perform close to the leather covers, and they are affordable.


After that, you need to check the compatibility list of the chosen seat. Though I have listed all products in my list compatible with Street Glides, you should read my reviews carefully to identify if it fits the model and year. 

Besides fitment, see the color options that come with the aftermarket part. only a few companies offer several colors for their seats.

Those who have done a custom paint job on their Harley should select one such model.


Finally, the last component of the desired comfort is the backrest of the seat. Some product listings offer adjustable and removable backrests in the package, and some don’t.

It is also possible to buy it separately. So, choose something that can meet your requirements perfectly.

Final Words

So, which one do you think the most comfortable seat for Harley Street Glide? I like both the top-pick and runner-up for their premium quality and praise-worthy features. 

The tiebreaker feature is the color combination and quality. Harley riders who like their seats to be more stylish and colorful must choose the runner-up product from TCMT. But both of them are very expensive. 

That is where the budget model comes to the rescue. Now, the time has come to make a final decision. As all of the selected models have some unique features, you should read them thoroughly and see which one fits your requirements.