How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor? [DIY Tutorial]

Those who have got an ambient heat sensor in their car have done a perfect job. But what if it turns bad or doesn’t work like before?

Well, one needs to reset or replace the device.  Now, it is time to learn how to reset the ambient temperature sensor without any expert help.

Ambient Temperature Sensor

An ambient temperature sensor is an effective and smart device to ensure just the perfect heat and let you drive without any interruption. It synchronizes the perfect temperature balance between outside and inside your vehicle using modern technology. So, a lot of people use this device in their cars.

It is always possible that the sensor is not in its best condition, has turned bad, or not working like before. But how can one detect that? Let’s find out that below.

How To Test Ambient Temperature Sensor

You can easily realize when an ambient heat sensor goes bad. The sensor not working means imbalanced temperature, which results in either of these three conditions—

  • The auto mode of your AC unit will not work smoothly, or won’t work at all as the sensor fails to provide the reference of the external temperature.
  • A problematic sensor will send mixed temp signals to your AC. As a consequence, it will not keep a synergy of temperature balance, rather have unreliable heating and
  • You’ll definitely know your sensor has turned bad by simply checking the temperature gauge on your vehicle. As the sensor fails to detect the correct temperature, it will show an incorrect reading on the meter as well.

Now you know that the sensor has turned bad, it’s time to fix it. You either have to replace or reset the device based on the condition of the heat sensor. Resetting the device does the work most of the time, which actually saves your money by not having to replace the unit. Let’s see how you can do that—

How To Reset Ambient Temperature Sensor

Reconfiguring your temperature sensor can actually fix a dysfunctional sensor sometimes, so it is recommended to reset the device before taking the step of replacing it. You can do this process yourself, so let’s hop on the tutorial—

Locate The Sensor

The first step of resetting the sensor is locating where they have been installed, so you can easily reach the device. In most cases, the device is present at the front part of the engine. After finding the sensor, it will be easier to move on to the next step.

Detach The Sensor Battery

Before working on any electric device, you should cut off the power supply. Here, taking out the battery is actually important to go to the next step. That way you can both save the device and yourself from any potential danger.

Remove The Device

The following step is to remove the unit, find the plastic clips around the sensor that is connected with the automotive wiring, and disconnect it. Be gentle on this step, otherwise, you may damage the cabling or the device itself.

If your sensor doesn’t connect through plastic terminals, try to find if it’s connected by screws. Unscrew the whole thing and remove it to follow the next step.

Reset The Sensor

The next and most important step is resetting the device. Lots of ambient heat sensors have a reset button, try to find that button and press it. You may find that some sensors have mode buttons in them, press those buttons accordingly to complete this step.

You should also try to clean the unit after disconnecting, clean it with a cleaning rag. Sometimes cleaning the unit does the work since the dirt on it may interrupt the device to provide an accurate reading.

Put The Sensor Back In Its Place

Install the product again following a similar way it was connected, but the clips back on or re-screw the device to its original place. Put on the battery and you’re ready to check the sensor.

About putting the device back, you should definitely check one thing. That is if the sensor’s usual location is being heated up anyhow. If you discover the place is really overheating, then you can find a new place to install it. Try to consult your automobile servicer on this particular matter. If you find the surface temperature normal, you can put it back in the same place.

Check The Reading

Now the moment of truth, check the device to see if it’s really okay. You can actually try to match the reading with any weather app that shows real-time data. Or you can check out with your mobile if it has a heat sensor.

This is when you can know whether the sensor is okay or not. If the reading on the temperature gauge on your vehicle synchronizes with the external temperature then you’re done with the steps. Restart the AC and you’re good to go.

But when the sensor is still giving the wrong reading, you need to replace the device. Or you can contact your automobile servicer to see if they can fix the device for you. If it still doesn’t work, you have no choice left but to replace the sensor.

How To Replace The Ambient Temperature Sensor?

If your ambient heat sensor is dysfunctional or old, you may have to replace it. To replace the unit, all you need to do is follow the procedure we have mentioned above, except you don’t use the old device to reinstall. Instead, buy a new ambient temperature sensor and replace it with the old one. Check the reading and you’re all set.

That’s all for how to reset the ambient temperature sensor in your car, now you don’t have to be annoyed by inconsistent cooling or uncomfortable temperature in your car. Follow the instructions and do all the process yourself. Happy driving!