How To Put Jack Back In Silverado? [Complete Tutorial]

Almost all versions of Chevy Silverado come with a jack kit in them. You might have taken it out while changing your wheels and never put it back. Because putting the jack back on a Chevy Silverado is extremely tricky. Don’t worry, here’s a tutorial for how to put jack back in Silverado. 

Some people take out the jack kit to lower the spare tire, and some people remove it to avoid the rattling noise if the jack assembly gets loose. But the jack is important to ensure a jerk-free ride, many people even install an external jack kit to ensure the utmost comfort for the passenger.  

As you have taken out the jack kit, you have definitely noticed it’s not easy to put it back. The jack is a part of a whole assembly and putting it back literally requires some expert skill for that.  

Usually, the jack is involved with the tire iron, so you definitely need to do it properly to ensure the exact order. Otherwise, it will rattle and the noise will annoy you. Don’t worry, we’re going to show you how to do that. So let’s cut to the chase and dig into the tutorial— 

How To Put Back Jack In Silverado 

The whole process is divided into a few steps, first, you have to locate the place where the jack stays, then knowing the proper position of them and then finally placing it. 

Locating The Jack Kit 

The location of your jack will depend on the model of your car, different versions of Silverado have their jacks placed at different locations. Usually, the jack on a Chevy Silverado can be found under the passenger seat of the vehicle, on the driver’s side. Most of the Chevy Silverado have their jack at there, if you can not find the jack there, you have to get help from your instruction or car manual to locate it. 

Anyways, many of you know where your jack is located at, still, you don’t know how to reach it. It’s quite easy, if your jack is located at the rear passenger seat, all you need to do is folding the rear seats and lift it up where you can see the jack. The base part of the jack stays in a holder in the opening which sits on the plate on the floor. And the pad end part stays in the cupped end of the bracket. The jack for a Chevy Silverado is black in color, but the handle is yellow in color. You can easily detect the knob or handle by its bright yellow color, which will face outward if you expose the jack. This handle will let you remove the jack kit from its position. 

Removing The Jack Kit 

To remove the jack kit, first rotate the knob/ handle. You will have to rate the knob clockwise to release the screw. This will extend the jack kit and slowly release from the other end too. Note down the exact position of the jack kit because it will come in use later. 

After removing the jack kit, you can see the different parts of the jack kit. The jack actually releases from the location along with the cupped portion, which was attached to a hook or wheel chalk of that area. You need to note down the position of your jack in relation to the hook or chalk too. Otherwise, it will not sit properly. 

If you are installing a new jack kit, you need to remove the jack kit from the cupped angle. The cupped portion has a nut at the backside. Unscrew the nut to release the jack cylinder from the cupped angle. Now take a new one and set it on the cupped angle just the way that the previous one was set. 

Reinstalling The Jack Kit 

After you have successfully changed the jack cylinder, it is time to put the jack back in your Silverado. Before putting it back, you should keep in mind that a jack kit is related to a tire iron, so you should set it all tightly to avoid any rattling or friction. For that, you need to know the position of the tire iron also. The tire iron is located underneath the rear passenger seat, on the passenger side of your car. If you lift up both of the seats, you actually expose the tire iron along with the jack also. Note the position of the tire iron and you’re all set. 

To put back the jack, first set your new jack kit with the cupped angle, make sure to attach it tightly so that it doesn’t jiggle. Then place the jack along with the cupped angle on its specific position, so that it sets with the hook or wheel chalk. Now rotate the yellow knob again, this time you have to rotate it anti-clockwise. Rotate the knob until it tightly sets with the tire iron and does not rattle. Give the jack kit a jiggle to see if it shakes or rattles. If it doesn’t, the process is pretty much over. 

If the jack kit still rattles or the passenger feels frequent jerks on the car, the problem may lie within some other issues. Like, damaged wheel chalk or tire iron. For that you may need to seek help from any auto service center or you should permanently remove the jack kit and familiarize yourself with no jack. This will affect your riding experience, but you will get to familiarize yourself with the condition soon. 

So that’s everything for our tutorial on how to put jack back in Silverado. Now you can easily fix a rattling jack kit or jerky ride to ensure the optimum riding experience for you and your passenger. Until then, happy riding!


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