6 Common Problems Harley Freewheeler Owners Have

Harley Freewheeler is one of Harley Davidson’s most popular models, and for good reason. They offer a unique riding experience that is unlike anything else on the market. Harley Davidson has been manufacturing motorcycles since 1903, so they have learned a lot about what it takes to make them ride well over the years.

But even with Harley’s expertise, there are still some common problems that Harley Freewheeler owners run into from time to time. This blog post will outline 6 of these problems and their solutions so you can get back out on the open road in no time!

Common Problems With Harley Freewheeler With Their Solutions

It’s not uncommon to experience some problems with Harley Freewheeler, especially among first-time Harley owners. Harley Davidson has done their best to ensure these issues are resolved quickly and as painlessly as possible for you, but if it still doesn’t work out well there is always Harley Davidson Motor Company! Anyways, here are the commonest 6 problems with Harley Freewheelers and their solutions-

Case Scenario: Harley Freewheeler Isn’t Starting

The single most common problem with any Harley Freewheeler is that it doesn’t start normally. This can happen due to two different reasons. They are—

Problem 1:  Harley Freewheeler Won’t Start

Harley Davidson designed Harley Freewheelers to be easy for you. However, this means that they are also easy for thieves! If your Harley Freewheeler is missing anything from the ignition switch it will not start up until those parts have been replaced.

This can happen with Harley Freewheelers that are less than a year old, so you can’t be too careful! Harley Davidson warrants these parts for up to one year from the date of purchase.

Problem 3: Harley Freewheeler Won’t Start Again

If for some reason, your Harley Davidson Harley Freewheeler is giving you trouble starting over and over again, it’s possible that Harley Freewheelers just don’t like the fuel in your area.

Harley Davidson Harley Freewheelers are made to start on any type of gas or diesel, but there are still some types where Harley will not work as well. The best thing for you to do is make sure that you’re using a high quality fuel with no impurities!

Problem 3: Harley Freewheeler Won’t Shift

Harley Davidson has been manufacturing freewheelers for a long time, and they know what is up. Harley Freewheelers are set up to be as easy to ride as possible, which is also why it’s the most popular Harley model!

But Harley Davidson knows that some Harley owners also like to get a little more out of their bikes than just riding around town and going on vacations. To help you with this dilemma, Harley has set Harley Freewheelers up with a “shift kit” installed. This will allow you to use your Harley’s gears and customize your Harley Freewheeler the way YOU want it!

Problem 4: Too Much Clutch

One of the most common issues among new Harley owners is getting used to riding their bike too much clutch instead of throttle by accident. This can lead to stalling out at stoplights and even falling off while trying to get going from a stop!

Harley Davidson Harley Freewheelers are set up so that the clutch is used while going down a hill. If you’re trying to go from stop to go, use your Harley’s throttle instead of the clutch to get moving again.

Problem 5: Harley Freewheeler Makes Noise

Harley Davidson has done their best to ensure no Harley rider ever feels like they have been abandoned by them or left out on the road if something goes wrong with their bike.

To make sure this never happens, Harley Davidson installs an “All Points” warranty for all new and current owners which will cover almost anything you need it to as long as you can provide proof of purchase. Even better yet, most problems covered by Harley Davidson’s “All Points” warranty are covered for up to one year from the time when you pick your Harley Freewheeler out!

Problem 6: Harley Freewheeler Won’t Turn

If your Harley Freewheeler is not turning, it is possible you have an issue with the spokes. Harley manufactures their wheels from high-quality steel and aluminum to ensure they’ll last a lifetime of riding! But sometimes Harley’s spokes can get bunched up by debris or accidental contact, which will lead to your wheel refusing to turn!

To fix this problem just give the bike a good cleaning around the wheel. You might also need new front brake pads if there has been any contact between your Harley Freewheeler and anything that could damage them in such a way like metal objects for example. If none of these things work, then take your motorcycle to Harley Davidson Motorcycles for Harley repairs and Harley service!

Bottom Line

If you face any problems other than these 6, Harley Davidson has an active forum to help Harley Davidson owners with any other problems they might have. Don’t forget to check that out, you’ll get your solution right away!

So, there goes everything about Harley Freewheelers and some of the common problems that they have. I hope this post helped you realize what might be happening if your Harley starts having any issues! Follow our website to read more posts on your favorite motorbike. Happy riding!