Best Stretched Bags For Street Glide: [Top 5 Picks ]

While riding across the countries, many motorcycle or street glide owners will need some sort of motorcycle luggage. And stretched bags are the most common type. For the street glides, the saddlebags are stretched for some amount than stock to cover the muffler from front to back. And the ones made with plastic and metal are relatively rigid and gives an extended look.

So, how are you going to find the best stretched bags for street glide?

You need to decide the type of bag, the method of securing the bag to your street glide, and the proper size for your belongings. These are more likely to be weather-proofed and lockable. And you have to decide all of these by considering how much your motorcycle can bear.

Check out my recommended products, pros and cons, and the buying guidelines to make a choice quickly.

  1. TCT-MT 5″ Extended Stretched Saddlebags – Best overall (Fits to 2014 to 2020 Street Glide)
  2. ABS Extended Stretched SaddleBags  – 4″ SaddleBags Fits Street Glide (1994 to 2013 models)
  3. Samger 4″ Hard Saddle Bags StretchedThe budget-friendly one Fits 1993 to 2013 models
  4. Bagger Brothers BB-HD1584-003 – The High-end one Fits to 1993 to 2013 models
  5. New 5″ Vivid Black Heavy-Duty Dedicated for Harley Davidson with dual exhaust cutouts(Fits to 2014-2020 models)

Best Stretched Bags For Street Glide:

1. TCT-MT 5″ Extended Stretched Saddlebags – The Best Overall

The TCT-MT 5” stretched saddlebag worth every penny! This one has a great fit, excellent pricing point, and great look. You will not have to encounter wet stuff at the time of raining. And it’s convenient to carry items in your TCT-MT saddlebag than in a backpack, which can weigh your body down when you’re riding.

Since it was designed with security in mind, you can leave items in your saddlebags and not have to carry them around. And you know your gear is protected from thieves. This model comes with 2 keys and 2 latches.

These adventure saddlebags are large enough to accommodate various items, from tents and extra jackets to several items of clothing.


This one fits 2014 to 2020 touring models FLT, FLHTCU, FLHT, FLHRC, Road King, Street Glide, Road Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra-classic. The bags need to be situated on both sides of the motorcycle at the rear.

Since it is made of ABS plastic, it is quite durable.

You will not need to buy some additional mounting hardware to install the box. It will take no time to install. All you need to do is loosen the front saddlebag brackets to install and re-fix it. This is the one-touch bag you were looking for.

  • The paint is flawless
  • Great value for the money
  • Installation is pretty simple
  • Lockable to protect your belongings
  • Offers a finished look to the street glide
  • Poor paint on the bag

2. ABS Extended Stretched SaddleBags – The Runner-up

This saddlebag is going to offer extreme space and comfort, especially for all the Harley Davidson Touring Bikes models of 1994 to 2013. It also fits FLT, FLHTCU, FLHT, FLHRC, Street Glide, Road king, Electra Guide, Ultra-classic. You will get right and left extended bags with lids.

Nice Design

The bottom is designed in a way for muffler body placement or dual exhaust. These are a great alternative to the typical and bulky bags we found in the markets. Since they are quite functional and beautiful, they can be a great addition to your street glide.


It is comprised of durable ABS/PPO material which meets or even exceeds the OEM standards. However, the saddlebags come in unpainted, and they are needed to be primed, painted, and sanded.

Easy maintenance

The ABS material is pretty sturdy and easy to maintain.

You only have to clean them once in a while, and they will remain new for years to come.

These simple yet elegant bags are ideal choices for taking your stuff for long journeys. The installation is a cinch, and you can be done replacing it within a few minutes. This lightweight product is portable enough to be carried from one place to another.

  • Offers great space
  • The locks keep your belongings safely
  • Sturdy configuration
  • Easy to maintain
  • Excessive plasticky parts

3. Samger 4″ Hard Saddle Bags Stretched – The budget-friendly one

If the previous models may seem pricey to you, you can undoubtedly go for Samger Hard saddle bag. These heavy-duty Samger saddlebags are quite suitable for carrying your stuff with you.

They fit with 1993-2013 Harley Touring models, including street glide, road glide, road king, Electra glide, ultra-classic. Additionally, it works on the Softail, Sportster, and Dyna models with the conversion brackets. Overall, this one is an excellent set for the price.

Safety features

Each bag has a reflective red light for better visibility at night.

Easy usability

The boxes are easy to install and barely takes a few seconds to pop them off on the place without needing to adjust anything. They provide a lot of storage and come with excellent quality.

Tip – Ensure the balancing of the loads in your stretched bags! Do not put several heavy items on one side rather than placing them between both sides. 

However, you have to come with a bracket to place the bag. And you may need to modify them a little, so they sit correctly on your street glide.

  • Get enough space for the belongings
  • Affordable
  • It sits appropriately on the rear side
  • The reflective red light offers excellent visibility at night
  • Has only one compartment

4. Bagger Brothers BB-HD1584-003 – The High-end one

This hardshell construction of the saddlebag ensures waterproof, durability, and protection of your belongings. They will sit on either side of the rear wheel and will be bolted-on your street glide. The lids, hardware, latches, tethers, faceplates, etc. are included.

This pair has a full 5” extension across the bottom to offer enough space. However, this pair may come with a higher price tag than others, but the features speak of its high price tag.


This box is comprised of ABS plastic for a smooth surface. It has a precise fit to go with the 1993 to 2013 FLH – Electra Glide Models, FLHX – Street Glide Models, FLHR – Road King Models, FLTR – Road Glide Models.


You don’t have to be worried about your belongings. This set comes with two locks and keys.


For the quick releases, it is very easy to take on and off between rides.

A tip – Ensure that the straps, belts, brackets or buckles on the bags work properly! You can affix a metal bracket to your street glide to offer extra support.


Since you are going to encounter all types of weather, this feature will keep your stuff safe and dry.

  • Gives weather protection
  • Offers extra storage space
  • Gives you the chance to ride further.
  • Comes with quick release
  • A bit expensive than other

5. New 5″ Vivid Black Heavy-Duty – Dedicated for Harley Davidson with dual exhaust cutouts

The SUDOO extended hard motorcycle saddlebag can fit a range of Harley Davidson touring motorcycles to other motorcycles. It is crafted in a way to complement the Harley Davidson models by replicating Harley-Davidson design cues.

This one fits 2014-2020 Harley Davidson touring models, FLH – Electra Glide models, FLHR – Road king models, FLTR – Road Glide Models, FLHX – Street Glide Models, FLT, FLHT, FLHTCU, FLHRC, Ultra-Classic. The 5” extension across the entire bottom gives the box huge space.

The paint

You will see these stretched bags’ colors will match the Harley Davidson OEM paint.

The design

Since this box is comprised of durable injection-molded ABS plastic, it is completely waterproof. There are dual exhaust cutouts to match the brand’s hallowed aesthetics.

Since they are not pre-drilled, you can adapt these hardshell saddlebags to your mounting hardware and individual motorcycle.

This spacious bag is fitted with chrome latches for the locks. And the red reflector plate can enhance visibility on the road.

  • The red reflector offers great visibility at the night
  • Comes with safety locks with keys
  • Great design with dual exhaust-compatible cutouts.
  • Quite durable
  • Poor quality paint

A Tip – Ensure that the bags don’t interfere with your lights or sit too close to your exhaust.

What To Consider While Buying The Best Stretched Bags For Street Glide?

Check out the following factors before choosing the right stretched bag for you:

Materials And Durability

Manufacturers use a variety of materials to build stretched bags. It includes real or synthetic leather, corduroy, nylon, plastic, and other similarly hard-wearing materials. Real leather offers supreme style but don’t last as long as their synthetic counterparts.

Plastic saddlebags will last longer but not that attractive. Nylon bags bring longevity and performance. So, consider the style, durability, resistance of the fabrics and choose the best one that fits your requirements.

Bag Size, Volume, and Fit

The primary purpose of a motorcycle stretched bag is to carry your stuff, such as riding gear, tools, and other equipment. There are 5L to 60L volume bags available as per the customer’s needs.

But the size and volume of the bag are limited by the size of your bike. You need a minimum of two inches of clearance between the exhaust and the saddlebags. Otherwise, the bag can damage by contact with the exhaust, and the manufacturers don’t consider this damage as a product defect or warranty issue.

So, if you have a large bike, buy a large bag to accommodate all your stuff but if it’s a small one, never go with an oversized bag. It will get damaged quickly and won’t look good.

Lockable Or Quick Release

Lockable bags can keep your stuff safe from being stolen. So you won’t have to carry the bag with you.

Quick Release

Buy a product that is compatible with the quick release bracket system so that you can remove the bag easily and quickly from the bike.


Your bike can get caught in the rain sometimes. There is nothing worse than dealing with sopping wet clothes and tools. That’s why your side bag should always save your stuff from rain, and the bag has to be waterproof for this.


There are different mounting options for stretched saddlebags. Throw-over saddlebags are the easiest to install. You won’t need any bolts to take them on/off. Hard mounts can be installed using bolts. You’ll require some mechanical knowledge to install this. However, each of them has its scalability.


Consider your budget before looking for the bag to understand what features you can avail yourself of with that budget. A larger budget can provide you with a better saddlebag. But luckily, saddlebags are not that expensive on the whole.

Other Features

Saddlebags come with few additional features to enhance their performance. Some have external pockets, mesh porches, and so on. The fabric can be UV protective, tear-resistance that will enhance durability. So look at these features if they are useful for you or not!

Beware Of The Common Problems Of The Stretched Bags For Street Glide –

  • Be careful about using them. Since my recommended products are made out of plastic, they may crack on impact.
  • The mounting bracket and hardware for installation can be mildly complex.
  • Generally, they come in a fixed shape. So, you can’t put one model to another.
  • Some side cases can be problematic for passengers as they will infringe on the passenger’s legroom.


How do you attach street glide saddlebags?

The street glide saddlebags can be attached by being placed over the saddle with a yoke that connects the two saddlebags. Again, each saddlebag can be hard-mounted to the bike’s frame. The couplings are often adjustable, often resulting in a universal fit. You can use straps or metal mounting hardware to connect the hard-mounted bags to the motorcycle’s frame.

What should I keep in my stretched bags?

Every person who rides a motorcycle should keep some hand tools for some roadside emergency. They can be wrenches, a ratchet, a tire repair kit, zip ties, and more. You may keep your essentials for a long journey.

Final Words

So, which one is the best stretched bag for street glide, according to you?

Many of us use a motorcycle to travel, but storage is one of the most significant drawbacks here. Stretched saddlebags solve this problem and let us carry our belongings for a long tour. Hard motorcycle travel bags are a bit more bike-specific to ensure proper clearances and fitment. However, universal options are available as well.

Since there are various types of saddlebags, let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite between hardshell bags vs softshell bags.