Best Seat For Heritage Softail Classic: Top 5 Picks In 2022!

Are you in love with Harley Heritage motorcycles? Well, me too. The Softail range boasts an iconic stylish look. Not to mention its top-notch performance. But over the years one area which calls for further improvement is its seat. It lacks in terms of convenience and comfort. 

In such cases, an upgrade to an aftermarket seat can noticeably improve the riding experience. These seats come with a huge variety in shape and height for the rider’s convenience. On top of that, some have back support to save you from back pain for long rides. 

In this article, I’m going to introduce with the best seat for Heritage Softail Classic. To help you with the buying considerations I’m adding a detailed buying guide too. So, let’s get started.

Before getting into the review section, get an initial impression of the products on my list

Mustang 76390 – Best Overall

  • Equipped with Mustang’s advanced comfort technology 
  • Backrest included
  • Synthetic glove-leather cover
  • Fully adjustable
  • Easily removable
  • Highly durable

Mustang Tripper – Runner-Up 

  • Mustang’s advanced comfort technology incorporated
  • Includes removable backrest
  • Diamond pattern
  • Perfect fitment
  • Long-lasting

TCMT Driver Passenger Pillion – Best Budget

  • Affordable pricing
  • Microfiber leather 
  • Long and lean shape
  • Reduced seat height for shortest possible reach to the ground
  • Wide compatibility

SLMOTO Solo Seat – Affordable and Comfortable

  • Detailed stitch work
  • Covered by synthetic glove-leather 
  • Low and wide design
  • Extra width in the hip area
  • Comfortable for day-long rides

Wide Tripper Passenger – Very Comfortable for Passengers

  • Diamond design
  • Durable stitch work
  • Synthetic glove-leather cover
  • Compatible with wide family of models
  • Includes mounting hardware

Best Seat for Heritage Softail Classic: My Honest Review

Harley-Davidson Heritage is one of the best Softail production rides for its unbeatable performance. But their stock seats lack comfort and convenience. Check these aftermarket passenger seats and take your riding position to your best comfort level. 

Mustang 76390 – Best Overall

The brand Mustang has been ruling over motorcycle aftermarket products since 1980. So, when you are purchasing a product from them rest assured you are getting nothing but quality and comfort. 

Unlike the actual seat that comes with Heritage Softail classic family, this one is made focused on ultimate comfort and appearance. With an easily removable backrest option, it has won the topmost place on my list. Let’s see some other factors for which it stands out from the rest:

Advanced Comfort Technology

The manufacturers give rider’s comfort and enjoyment top priority which is why they have come up with the Mustang’s advanced comfort technology. Users unanimously rated this seat highly and recommended it for day-long trips. To take the coziness to the next level and save you from back pain they have included a comfortable backrest. I liked how effortless it was to remove when needed.

Detailed Stitch Design

Thanks to the diamond pattern stitch design on the synthetic glove leather cover for bringing exceptional elegance to its look. Unlike cheaply made seats the stitch work here is durable.


It effortlessly fits most of the models of the Harley-Davidson Heritage family tree. It is compatible with FLHCS 2018-2020, FLHC 2018-2020, FLSTC/I 1986-1999, FLSTC/I 2000-2005, FLSTC/I 2006-2017, FLST/I 1986-1990, and so on.

So, as you can see this one hits all the sweet spots of a premium solo seat which is why it’s the best passenger seat for Heritage Softail Classic. You can remove the rider backrest and use it as a two-up seat too. 


  • Advanced comfort technology
  • Detailed stitch work
  • Back support
  • Wide compatibility
  • Long-lasting


  • Mounting accessories not included


Mustang Tripper – Runner-Up 

The next one from my list is also from the Mustang brand. This aftermarket seat is one of the most popular wide seats among bike lovers. It won riders’ hearts by providing an exceptional build quality, durability, comfort, and enjoyment of the ride. Wide seat with a comfortable rider backrest makes it just the right seat upgrade you were looking for your Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic ride.

Ultimate Comfort 

Like the previously mentioned one, this one is also equipped with the Mustang’s Advanced Comfort Technology. So, you don’t have to worry about the comfort and quality of ride enjoyment with this aftermarket product.

Intuitive Design

Comparing to the original seat that Harley-Davidson Heritage provides with their models, this one is made wider for better comfort and convenience. Again, the seat is raised a little higher than stock seats to offer extra rider space for the taller riders. Unlike the other Seats for Softail, its backrest is not mounted which is why it is super easy to adjust, fold or remove.

Wide Compatibility

Like the aforementioned one, this one supports FLSTC 07-15, FLSTN3 05-15, FLSTNI 05-06, FLSTS 00-03, FLSTSC 06-07, FLSTSI 01-03. So, grab this Mustang One-Piece Squareback Seat and add it to your Harley Davidson Softail sets. Trust me, you’ll love this and thank me later.

Overall, it’s a widely popular model for seat upgrades over stock seats. Grab this wide one if you want a smooth and comfortable ride with no back pain or leg strain. 


  • Wider design
  • Super comfortable
  • Offers extra rider space
  • Removable backrest
  • Durable stitching


  • Nothing found


TCMT Driver Passenger Pillion – Best Budget

Are you a little tight on budget? Not to worry because I’m here with a budget money seat upgrades option. You can bag this one spending only $180. Don’t let the inexpensive price tag fool you, it’s very well made and boasts quality and convenience. Let’s check out some of the reasons how it’s outperforming the rest:

Quality Material

On iron construction, they have padded the seat with foam and covered using microfiber leather. So, it guarantees a long-lasting seat that provides unbeatable quality at this much affordable price point.

Low Design

It comes with a low design so the shorter riders will find it easier to reach the ground. Besides, this reduced seat height benefits most riders as they can get the shortest possible reach to the foot controls and ground as well.

Long and Lean Shaping 

I liked the fact that they thought about the short and medium height riders as well as the tall riders. Thanks to its long and lean shape, the taller riders can move back from the hand and foot controls without sitting higher on the bike uncomfortably. 

Though a backrest would be most welcome, considering its cheap price point I can totally ignore that. But let me tell you, it won’t be as comfortable as other products here on my list. So, I would suggest you to spend some extra bucks on a seat pad having a memory cushion to provide further comfort without increasing much height. On a related note, consider this Motorcycle Gel Pad if you are buying this seat as it has gel and memory foam combination to provide extra comfort. Furthermore, it comes with two easy straps to install, so attaching this will be a breeze. 


  • Affordable pricing
  • Durable iron construction
  • Microfiber leather cover
  • Shortest reach to ground for riders
  • Long and lean shape


  • Lacks in terms of comfort

SLMOTO Solo Seat – Affordable and Comfortable

Up next on my list is this super comfortable and sleek-looking solo seat. Its shape, size, and height- everything is perfect and guarantees rider enjoyment on a day-long ride. 

Highly Durable Stitching

Like the Mustang seats, SLMOTO has used synthetic glove leather for cover which is unrivaled in quality and longevity. Thanks to the detailed stitching for bringing the sleek professional look. Unlike poorly stitched seats, it won’t tear or rip apart even after using for a really long time.

Low and Wide

This seat is made low and wide to ensure the rider’s ultimate comfort and convenience. Low seats are suitable for most bike riders as they can reach foot control easily. On top of that, that extra width in the hip area increases comfort and support.

Brilliant Design

The manufacturers gave user’s comfort the topmost priority which is why long trips won’t feel like a painful ride to you anymore. The thigh area is narrowed down to prevent your thigh from straining or aching after an all-day-long ride.


It’s compatible with ’18-later FLDE, FLHC, FLHCS, FLSL, and FXBB models. 

Overall, this has to be the most comfortable seat for Heritage Softail Classic on my list. With super comfort and affordable pricing, it’s the ultimate passenger seat for a true touring bike. You can also use this one as a 2-up seat.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Synthetic glove-leather
  • Low and wide design
  • Detailed stitch work
  • Highly Durable


  • Lack backrests for the rider


Wide Tripper Passenger – Very Comfortable for Passengers

The last Heritage Softail passenger seat on my list is also from the brand Mustang. They have been in the market for aftermarket bike products since 1980. Their product’s quality, durability, and pricing won the trust of bike lovers. Also, they provide the Best Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic Seats in a wide range of variety in designs for you to choose from.

Extra Wide Shape

Like the previously mentioned one, this seat is also cut low and wide. Again, it features extra width in the hip area for better comfort and support. A long ride won’t strain your legs from now on. So, looking cool and being comfortable at the same time while riding on bikes is not a far-fetched dream anymore.


Thanks to its shape and design, you can use it alone for solo-riding or pair it up with a matching passenger seat for two-up seats when there’s a separate rider with you. 

Included Mounting Accessories

It comes with slotted mounting nuts, black nylon shoulder washers, chrome washers, mini fender bib. So, you won’t be needing to buy them separately. But they suggest a Phillips screwdriver, 5/8″ deep socket or open-end wrench, and 7/16″ open-end wrench for installing it which is not included in the kit.

Overall, it’s the best solo seat for Heritage Softail Classic that gives you at least one inch more legroom. Users praised it highly because it provides them with the low down in the saddle ride. Also, they informed it pushes you back about an inch which is good if you are tall. 

A Tip: It might appear a bit stiff at first. Ride on it and break it in. After few rides, you’re going to love how comfortable it is.


  • Stylish looks
  • Gives extra one-inch leg space
  • Allows moving back for tall riders
  • Mounting accessories included
  • Fits perfectly


  • Little stiff at first


How To Choose The Best Seat For Heritage Softail Classic?

A well-made and comfortable seat can entirely change your bike riding experience. The stock seats that come with the Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail can’t give you much comfort which an aftermarket seat can. But not all of them are made the same. 

So, how can you bag the best passenger seat for Heritage Softail Classic? Don’t worry. To ease your shopping experience, I have pointed out some of the buying considerations below. Let’s have a look.


The first thing to consider while purchasing the best seats for Harley Heritage Softail Classic is whether it’s compatible with your make and model or not. For some products you can input the year, make and model and the system will check for its compatibility. Or you can go through their fitment section and check for yourself if your ride is listed there or not. 

Another way is to ask a question or send an email to their customer service representative. So, before buying always make sure the product will fit your bike. Otherwise, there’s no point getting a seat that doesn’t fit your bike and your money will be wasted.


Next thing that matters the most is the build material of the product. Try to buy from a reputed brand like Mustang or SLMOTO. Their products are tested and trusted for years because of excellent quality, high durability, and detailed stitching. You will not get the same quality from the cheaply made products. They will rip off or tear apart after some use or if they fall off by mistake.


The seat height is another factor that enhances the quality of the riding experience. Low height is preferable for most riders because it gives you extra rider space. On top of that, you get the shortest possible reach to the ground and foot control. For short riders, low height is a must. However, long riders can choose that too considering the hip area height.


Comfort is the main thing we seek from a bike seat when touring all day long. Touring rides must have the most comfortable seat like the air seat, touring seat, deep sundowner seat, or vinyl seat. Or you can use a motorcycle gel pad driver seat, they have gel in them for better comfort. 

Some have memory cushion which is known for providing more support as well as comfort. So, your Heritage and Deluxe Seat should score high in the comfort category. Otherwise, trust me the leg pain will make you suffer after every long ride.


Shape is another important factor to look for when you are making seat upgrades. Most of the rider’s selection of seats comes down to the wider seat for obvious reasons. It’s one of the best one-piece seat options as it gives the ultimate support and comfort. You can go for the ones with extra width in the hip area. Those serve the same purpose too. 

However, the long and lean shape is what tall riders should look for because they can move back from the hands and foot controls without uncomfortably sitting higher on the Harley-Davidson Heritage. 


The cover leather should be high-quality synthetic glove leather. That’s the best when it comes to durability. On a related note, make sure the stitching is detailed in design and high in durability. Otherwise, it will tear apart after few uses. 

Both the Mustang’s one-piece seats, Conchos Harley FLSTC Seat, Saddlemen Renegade Deluxe Solo Seat, Danny Gray AirHawk Weekday 2-Up XL Seat, Roland Sands Boss Solo Seat pass in flying colors in terms of longevity. Again, you can go for any product on my list too without worrying about durability.

Final Words

So, which one is the best seat for Heritage Softail Classic on your thought? In my personal opinion, Mustang 76390 is clearly the winner in comfort. For wide passenger seat go for Mustang Tripper. TCMT is the cheapest option but you have to use a seat pad with that for better comfort. Or choose SLMOTO Solo Seat it’s the best seat for 2018 Heritage Softail classic. Wide Tripper Passenger has the perfect shape and height that benefits both short and tall riders.