B1006 Harley Code: Possible Problems With Solutions

Having a Harley Davidson bike is great until you get diagnostic trouble codes. One of those codes is B1006, which belongs to the ECM (Electronic Control Module) section.

If you’re facing this code & don’t know what it means, then this article is for you. Stay tuned, as I’ll be talking about the possible problems and the solutions of the code in this article.

What Does B1006 Code Means On Harley

B1006 code is displayed when the accessory line is facing 16.0 Volts for more than 10 seconds. It simply means your accessories are getting more volts than they need & it’s a real issue of concern.

This code comes for various reasons – some of them are fixable & others need replacements of the components. From battery ground cable to load equalizer, everything can cause this code & you’ll know them briefly in this article.

What Problems Do The B1006 Code Causes

The DTC B1006 code has two sides. One side isn’t going to bother you with your riding. In other words, you won’t notice the difference even if you’re getting this diagnostic trouble code.

The other face of DTC B1006 is quite dangerous & you should try fixing it as soon as possible. You’ll probably face the following problems if you’re getting the B1006 code:

  1. You’ll face dimming bulbs, headlights & LEDs on your motorcycle.
  2. The indications & voltage on the guess will act weirdly
  3. You may also face a wire heating issue (Not an obvious one)

How To Read B1006 & Other Harley DTC

Solving your Harley Davidson motorcycle problem will be much easier if you know the exact issue it’s facing. In this segment, I’ll show how to read B1006 & other Harley DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) step by step.

Step 1: Hold down the odometer button for 5 seconds. Don’t forget to turn your ignition switch on while pressing the odometer button.

Step 2: Release the odometer button & you should see “DIAG” on display. This DIAG refers to Diagnostic.

Step 3: Now tap on the odometer one time. You’ll see “ECM” on the screen. You’ll see either “ECM Y” or “ECM N.”  The letter Y will come if any error codes are available. Otherwise, you’ll see the letter N.

Step 4: If there’s any code available in ECM, long-press the odometer button again & you’ll see the codes. The B1006 code belongs to the ECM (Engine Control Module) section & you should see it then.

Step 5: To see other codes of BCM, SPDO, ABS, RAD & more – press the odometer button & follow from step 1 in a cyclic manner. At one point, you should see ECM again.

How To Solve B1006 Error Code On Harley?

Solving the B1006 error code can be tricky as it occurs for various reasons. Don’t worry; I won’t disappoint you by saying – the exact solution depends on the bike condition.

Here are some well-known troubleshooting methods that can eventually solve your problem.

Clearing The Code: The Easy Method

The obvious & easiest way of solving the B1006 code is via clearing the code. It’s normal for Harley Davidson Motorcycles to show random codes after the repairing session & they’re easily cleanable.

To clear the B1006 code, you’ve to view/read the code first, following the step-by-step guide I mentioned above. Later on, press & hold the odometer button until you see “CLEAR” on display.

Now gently press the odometer button & the code will be cleared. Try going on a ride for 10 to 15minutes. If the code doesn’t reappear – congrats! You’ve solved the problem. Otherwise, try following the next methods.

Check & Replace The Battery Ground Cable

The B1006 code can appear for battery ground cable as well. Don’t underestimate the ground cable, as it controls a lot of things on your bike.

Ground cable doesn’t mean a cable that touches the ground. Instead, your bike’s body is considered as ground & the cable that links the battery with the body is called battery ground cable.

To check battery ground cable, follow the next step by step tutorial:

Step 1: Detach the ground cable from the battery & body

Step 2: Collect an Ohmmeter & measure the electrical resistance of both sides of the cable.

Step 3: Now play with your cable. I mean, try bending it as much as you can & check if there’s any cracking or breaking sound.

Step 4: Lastly, measure the electrical resistance of both sides of the cable for the second time. If you see a slight increase in reading, replace the cable.

Lots of users found success replacing their faulty ground cable & you should give it a try as well.

Check & Replace The Regulator

The regulator plays a big role in increasing the accessory line voltage that causes the B1006 code. However, it’s not an obvious reason for getting the B1006 code. Rather it’s just a potential reason.

To check your regulator, you’ll need a Voltmeter first. Now connect your Voltmeter with the battery & start the motor. While the motor is running, you should see a reading of 13.2 to 13.8V.

If you see anything more than 13.8 Volt, then the regulator probably has a problem. Try replacing the regulator with a new one & the error code should go away permanently.

Check & Replace The Load Equalizer

Whether you’re using a load equalizer from Badlands or Custom Dynamics, there are always chances of getting a faulty one (unfortunately).

To check if your load equalizer is bad or not, try replacing the load equalizer with your stock Turn Signals.

If the code goes away & never returns, it’s probably the equalizer that was bringing the B1006 code. Replace your load equalizer & you’re all set.

Common Mistakes While Solving The B1006 Code

You may try to solve the B1006 code by yourself to avoid the high hourly rates of automotive stores. However, you’ve to be very conscious while operating your work.

Here are some of the common mistakes that you may encounter while solving the code:

  • Failing to read the actual resistance value of battery ground cable
  • Messing up everything while trying to work without a manual
  • Soldering mistakes due to lack of experience.

How Serious Is Code B1006 On Harley?

Code B1006 refers to the overvoltage on any accessories part of Harley. It’s a bad thing for the accessories & the whole bike.

Due to this code, you may lose your headlight & other LEDs you’ve used on your motorcycle. Aside from these problems, overvoltage can also cause burning wire & electrical components to smoke.

Now you have the picture of how serious is code B1006 on any Harley Davidson Motorcycle. However, not every B1006 code refers to panic & that’s why you’ve to understand the situation first.

Additional Comments To Consider Regarding The B1006 Code

Sometimes the code B1006 is just playing with you & you shouldn’t panic about it. If you have a proper reason for turning your ignition switch on while charging, expect to always have a B1006 code.

In this case, you shouldn’t worry about it as it’s very typical & your bike won’t hurt by this code. My advice is to turn off the ignition switch while charging as it’s the best & recommend the practice.

B1007 Code: Similar To The B1006 Code

The code B1007 is similar to the B1007 code. Not by the appearance but also the alert they give to you.

DTC B1006 appears when your accessory line is facing a high voltage Of 16.0V for 10 seconds.

Similar to that, DTC B1007 appears when your ignition line faces a high voltage of 16.0V for 5 seconds.


I hope this article was helpful enough to understand the B1006 code of Harley. Also, you can now diagnose this error code by following the methods mentioned above.

If you’re not sure where to start from, I would suggest starting from clearing the codes. Later on, try checking your wires if they’ve any leakage on them & proceed following the rest methods.